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Adam White (애덤 화이트) is an agent of Federal Bureau of Hunters. A polyglot who served as Jin-Woo's translator while Beru is unavailable. He is said to be able to speak 10 languages. He is one of the most prominent foreign association-related figures along with David Brennon, director of the Federal Bureau of Hunters.


Adam White is a young American man with light blue eyes and pale skin. He has light orange hair which is gelled back. He wears a gray business suit, white collared shirt and a black tie.



Warning! The following is light novel spoilers that have not been covered in the Solo Leveling Manhwa. Click on "Expand" if you wish to read.

Adam White was tasked to recruit Sung Jin-Woo to the USA by the FBH. He first met Jin-Woo outside the funeral house of Min Byung-Gyu. This approach greatly discouraged Jin-Woo as he was still thinking of how people should respect the death of another person. Adam hammered away even when Jin-Woo ignored him until his proposal was accepted. He tried to cajole Jin-Woo using his normal ways like using Lady Norma Selner's Upgrader Skills and by giving him the Kamish/Karmish Runestone. He is also the first to discover that Jin-Woo has a National-Rank exclusive skill that is "telekinesis": When Jin-Woo went on a plane, he found Adam White waiting for him, trying to recruit him, but it didn't end well once he showed Jin-Woo a picture of his father which caused the troubled Jin-Woo to use Ruler's Authority to bring him closer, and that will be interpreted by Adam as telekinesis.

Adam came to Canada to observe the huge gate that had opened, similar to other locations. All of the gates turned out to be empty except for the one in Canada. A lone man flew down and landed on the ground. Jin-Woo yelled at Adam to tell him the hair color of the unknown man. Adam replied stating that is was blackish red. Jin-Woo, realizing the identity of the unknown individual, screamed at Adam to run for his life. Adam panicked but remained responsible and stay to the end, along with other agents, and Jin-Woo tried to save him as he had a high orc shadow attached to Adam. However, the Dragon Monarch rushed to Adam's location and destroyed the shadow. Adam was then burnt to death by the Dragon Monarch's undying flames. Jin-Woo grimaced as he watched Adam being scorched and turned into ash by the Monarch's powerful flames.

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