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Adam White (애덤 화이트) was the chief of the FBH’s Asia Branch.


Adam was a young man with blue eyes and gelled orange hair. He was generally shown wearing a gray business coat over a white dress shirt and a black tie.


As a recruiter, Adam was friendly, composed, and good with words. He was also supportive of people he respected, such as Jin-Woo, and held no animosity towards him for telekinetically choking him during their second encounter.


Jeju Island Arc

Following the 4th Jeju Island Raid, Adam was tasked by the FBH with recruiting Jin-Woo for America. As such, he approached Jin-Woo when the latter was leaving Min Byung-Gyu’s funeral and convinced him to come with him to see his superiors by revealing that they had an upgrader working for them. Unfortunately for Adam, this attempt to recruit Jin-Woo failed, as Norma’s ability did not work on him.

Japan Crisis Arc

Following the Tokyo Raid, Adam managed to get himself seated next to Jin-Woo on his flight to America and informed the Korean Hunter of two things. The first was that Christopher Reed had been brutally killed by a group of unknown assailants several days before and that second was that Sung Il-Hwan was the prime suspect in his murder.

Enraged, Jin-Woo lifted Adam into the air and started choking him using Ruler's Authority, prompting Adam to hurriedly reveal everything the FBH knew about Il-Hwan, including his fight against Hwang Dong-Su a few months back, and that the organization was planning to issue a red notice on him during the conference. Realizing that Adam didn’t mean any harm and had been actually trying to warn him, Jin-Woo calmed down and set him back down. As he had only ever seen the National Level Hunters demonstrate telekinetic abilities that powerful, Adam realized at that moment that Jin-Woo was about as strong as they were, if not stronger.

International Guild Conference Arc

When they finally touched down in America, Adam took Jin-Woo to the FBH's HQ and attempted to recruit him a second time by offering him Kamish's runestone. To his confusion, however, Jin-Woo almost immediately dismissed the runestone and asked if he could be allowed to see Kamish's corpse in person.

When David Brennon, the FBH's director, approved Jinwoo's request, Adam accompanied them both to the basement where Kamish's corpse was located and watched in astonishment as Jin-Woo successfully revived Kamish as a shadow. When Kamish disintegrated due to having been dead for so long, Adam accompanied Jinwoo back to the conference building and learned that Jin-Ho had gone missing after having been apparently picked up by a hunter from the Scavenger Guild.

Suspecting foul play, Adam phoned Laura, the guild's secretary, directly and learned that she knew nothing about this either. He attempted to tell Jin-Woo this, but when he turned around to look for him, he was already gone. Realizing that Jin-Woo had gone off to search for Jin-Ho on his own, Adam went after him by car and eventually found him brutally beating Thomas Andre to a pulp. Horrified, Adam begged Jin-Woo to stop. Fortunately, by this point Thomas had realized that there was no way he could win and finally admitted his defeat, prompting Jin-Woo to stop attacking him and let him go.

With a massive mess on their hands, Adam groaned to himself that at the very least, things hadn't turned out any worse than they already were. His men later discovered Hwang Dong-Su's corpse laying nearby in a large pool of blood, with Jin-Woo nowhere in sight.

During the conference, Adam helped translate from Mandarin to Korean when Liu Zhigang approached Jin-Woo for a chat. Shortly afterwards, when David and Norma Selner asked Jin-Woo to help protect the world's best hunters from the Monarchs, Adam provided him with the list of the top 10 hunters according to the FBH's Hunter Point system.

Monarchs War Arc

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