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I shall progress forward. That’s Ah-Jin.

Sung Jin-Ah, Novel: Chapter 137

Ahjin Guild (아진) is a guild created by Sung Jin-Woo and Yoo Jin-Ho. After Jin-Woo rejected Cha Hae-In's application in Ahjin Guild, Jin-Ho recommended his cousin who is a high ranking Hunter. Yoo Soo-Hyun was merely added for the sake of their guild to be formed, because the creation of a guild needs at least three key people.


Initially, Jin-Woo wanted the laconic named Solo Play which received disapprovals from both Jin-Ho and Jin-Ah, revealing to Jin-Ho that his naming sense was his human trait. When asked about this, he says that he like moving around solo.

The final naming of the guild started with a conversation between siblings, Jin-Ah and Jin-Woo. With Jin-Woo pondering about a name, Jin-Ah asked him what would be the features of his guild he wanted to show and he mentioned about using his shadow soldier army as his own guild. She then further thought of how her name and his name could be mashed together as the name of Jin-Woo's guild.


Ah (我) means ‘myself’ and Jin (進) means ‘moving forward’.” Meaning, only Jin-Woo could tread on this road. And it was a name he wanted to give to the Guild that would grow alongside him. Combining them together, and one gets the meaning of “I shall progress forward’. That’s Ah-Jin (我進).”[1]

Notable Members

Ahjin Guild
Guild Master Sung Jin-Woo S-Rank Mage Alive
Vice-Guild Master Yoo Jin-Ho D-Rank Tank Alive
Guild Hunter Yoo Soo-Hyun A-Rank None Alive


  1. Solo Leveling Novel: Chapter 137

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Ahjin Guild
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