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Ahjin Guild (아진) is the strongest guild in Korea.


Sometime after the 4th Jeju Island Raid, Jin-Woo decided to form his own guild. Initially, he wanted to name it "Solo Player," which received disapproval from both Jin-Ho and Jin-Ah. Jin-Ah then suggested naming the guild Ahjin as a backwards version of her name instead. Jin-Ho approved and so the name became official. As they needed a third hunter to create the guild by law and Jin-Woo wanted a hunter who had no actual interest in raiding, Jin-Ho called in his cousin Soo-Hyun, as she fit the bill, and she was more than happy to join after learning that Jin-Woo was the guild master.

Ahjin went on to receive worldwide recognition after Jin-Woo easily cleared the S-Rank Gate in Shinjuku, Tokyo all on his own. Shortly afterwards, Ahjin was picked over the Hunters Guild to represent Korea at the annual International Guild Conference, which made headlines both at home and overseas.


Notable Members

Ahjin Guild
Guild Master Sung Jin-Woo S-Rank Mage Alive
Vice-Guild Master Yoo Jin-Ho D-Rank Tank Alive
Guild Hunter Yoo Soo-Hyun A-Rank None Alive

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Ahjin Guild
Members Sung Jin-Woo (Guild Master) | Yoo Jin-Ho (Vice-Guild Master) | Yoo Soo-Hyun
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