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Ahn Sangmin (안상민) is the chief of the White Tiger Guild's 2nd Division Management Department.


Ahn is a middle-aged man with pronounced cheekbones, brown eyes, and a friendly face. As a guild employee, he is often seen wearing business attire.


Ahn is a pleasant and very perceptive man with a good eye for talent, as he was the first person to realize all on his own that Jinwoo was much stronger than his rank.


Yoo Jin-Ho Raid Party Arc

Ahn first appeared to recruit Jinwoo for the White Tiger Guild while he was going on C-Rank dungeon raids with his new business partner Jinho. Unfortunately, Ahn not only failed to recruit Jinwoo, but also got scammed. Despite this setback, however, Ahn refused to give up and dedicated himself to recruiting Jinwoo for his guild at all costs.

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