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Akari Shimizu (시미즈 아카리) was a Japanese S-Rank healer under the Draw Sword Guild.


Akari was a young woman with light brown eyes and light orange-brown hair that she wore in two buns.[1] During the 4th Jeju Island Raid, she wielded a large yellow battle axe.


Akari had a playful attitude and was somewhat greedy, as she charged her teammates fees for her healings. She was also implied to have feelings for her guild mate Kenzo, as she frequently teased him during their raids together and told him during the 4th Jeju Island Raid that she wanted something from him aside from money as payment for her healings.


Four days before the day of the Jeju Island Raid, Akari met up with the rest of the Jeju Island Raid Party inside the Korean Hunters Gym. As a healer, she did not participate in any of the sparring matches, although she did show astonishment when Cha Hae-In demonstrated her speed against Atsushi Kumamoto.[2]

During the 4th Jeju Island Raid, Akari was grouped with Kenzo and Tatsumi in Team Charlie and watched as Kenzo slaughtered a whole swarm of ants. After he returned with moderate wounds, Akari teased him by calling him a hot mess and saying that she wouldn't heal him unless he gave her something in return. Before she could tell Kenzo what she wanted from him, however, she was suddenly decapitated by the Ant King.[3]


As a healer whose abilities were recognized by Goto Ryuji, Akari was obviously competent for a S-Rank.

  • Healing Magic: Akari was a master healer.