Are there others? Others you call king?

—The Ant King , Chapter 101 (Webtoon)


The Ant King (왕) was an immensely powerful magic beast that appeared during the 4th Jeju Island Raid. He was responsible for single-handedly massacring eight of the sixteen S-Ranks who participated in the raid, including Goto Ryuji, and would have slaughtered the entire Korean raid team had it not been for Sung Jin-Woo, who easily killed it in a fierce 1v1 fight.

Following his death, the Ant King was turned into a shadow soldier by Jinwoo and given the name Beru. As it happens, Beru was the very first shadow in Jin-Woo's army to possess the grade of General, which gave him the ability to talk.


The Ant King was a huge humanoid ant with a black armored exoskeleton, glowing red eyes, sharp claws, two small pincers extending from his abdomen, and two transparent ant wings.


When the ants of Jeju Island began to run out of food, the Ant Queen gave birth to the Ant King to lead and protect the colony.

During the 4th Jeju Island Raid, the Ant King targeted the Japanese raid team first, beheading Akari, Kenzo, and Tatsumi with one strike each. When their teammates Kei and Ippei Izawa came to check on them to figure out why they weren’t answering their coms, the Ant King easily killed them too, slashing right through Kei’s ice when he tried in vain to defend himself. Before he could continue with the slaughter, however, he was drawn back to the nest by the Ant Queen’s death cry.

When he arrived back in the nest, the Ant King discovered that Korean raid team had killed his Queen. Enraged, he brutally overpowered them and killed their healer Min Byung-Gyu by consuming his head, gaining both his language skills and his ability to use healing magic in the process. Still bent on getting revenge for his Queen's death, the Ant King grabbed Baek Yoon-Ho by the neck and demanded to know who was his king. Before Baek could answer, however, the Ant King sensed Goto’s presence outside the nest and flew back out to go fight him.

Upon locating Goto, the Ant King immediately ambushed him and his team, taking off Mari Ishida’s head in one strike. He then asked Goto if he was the king, to which Goto arrogantly responded that he was. Realizing that Goto was just more small fry, the Ant King laughed at his answer and beheaded Goto before he could even react, breaking his katana in half in the process. Before he could go after the three surviving Japanese hunters, however, the Ant King sensed Jinwoo’s presence on the island and headed back to the nest for a second time to deal with this new enemy.

When he returned to the nest, the Ant King spotted Jinwoo and demanded to know if he was worthy of being called a king. In response, Jin-Woo got up to fight him and the Ant King followed through by punching him square in the face. Believing that he had killed Jin-Woo in that attack, the Ant King mocked him for not being a king either. However, when the dust cleared, not only was Jin-Woo still alive and standing right in front of him, but he was barely hurt, having only sustained a small cut on his lip.

From there, the two of them initially duked it out with their fists until the Ant King realized that he was losing in a contest of strength. Seeking to end the fight there, the Ant King attempted to use his poison on Jin-Woo, only for that to fail due to Jin-Woo's Detoxification buff. Deciding to change tactics again, the Ant King whipped out his claws, compressed his body to increase his agility, and attempted to fight Jin-Woo in a contest of speed. This proved to be a big mistake, as not only did Jin-Woo easily keep up with the Ant King due to his superior speed, but he also easily overpowered the beast with his Mutilation skill, punching holes in his exoskeleton and slicing off both his left arm and wings.

In a last desperate attempt to kill Jin-Woo, the Ant King summoned the rest of the ants on the island and ordered them to charge Jin-Woo. However, this failed as well, as Jin-Woo summoned his shadow army to deal with them. As he watched the shadow soldiers easily slaughter his brethren, the Ant King finally realized that he could not win and attempted to flee, but Jinwoo stopped him from getting away by telekinetically drilling him into the ground. The Ant King then desperately attempted to crawl away, but Jin-Woo used Mutilation on him one last time, finally killing the overpowered ant.

After escorting the Korean raid team to safety, Jin-Woo returned to the nest and extracted the Ant King's shadow to add to his army. When the shadow demonstrated the ability to speak, Jin-Woo decided to name him Beru.


As the strongest child of the Ant Queen, the Ant King was an immensely powerful individual and was at least on par with Baran in strength. As a testament to his power, he was able to kill Goto in one shot and hold his own against Jin-Woo for a considerable amount of time before ultimately being beaten and killed.

  • Immense Physical Prowess: The Ant King was able to punch Jin-Woo hard enough to give him a small cut on his lip and create massive bursts of wind pressure with his strikes. He was also durable enough to tank Jin-Woo's punches and fast enough to keep up with the human in the first phase of their fight, even successfully blocking his attacks at one point.
  • Gluttony: The Ant King was able to absorb the skills and knowledge of those he consumed.
  • Flight
  • Size Manipulation: The Ant King was able to increase his raw strength at the cost of his agility and speed by growing in size, and vice versa by compressing his body.
  • Paralysis Poison: Due to having consumed a cone snail, the Ant King was able to spit an extremely concentrated poison from his mouth. Due to the magical nature of this poison, it was exponentially more toxic than its original version and could kill a target in seconds.
  • Healing Magic: Due to having consumed Min Byung-Gyu's head, the Ant King was a master at healing magic and was able to heal back his left arm and wings after Jin-Woo sliced them off.
  • Conversation: Due to having consumed Min Byung-Gyu's head, the Ant King was able to speak and understand both Korean and Japanese perfectly.
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