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Is there a king? Is there someone who can become a king?

—Webtoon Chapter 101


The Ant King (왕) was an immensely powerful Magic Beast that could very easily kill S-Rank Hunters such as Goto Ryuji and knock out Hunters such as Cha Hae-In. It was born from the Ant Queen in Jeju Island and it had the ability to communicate with Sung Jin-Woo, even as a Shadow.

The Ant King was killed and turned into a Shadow Soldier by Jin-Woo, who named him Beru. He is the very first shadow to be of rank Commander (rank which gives the shadows the ability to talk). He is the primary antagonist of the Jeju Island Arc.


The Ant King prior to being born

The Ant King was a product of the 'Boss' of the S-Rank Dungeon, the Ant Queen in Jeju Island.

The Ant Queen, who was monitored 24 hours a day by a Japanese satellite, showed a massive decline in its magical energy. It was later learned that this was due to the Ant Queen birthing her strongest child, the Ant King, for the sole purpose of beating strong Hunters. While the S-Rank hunters of the Draw Sword Guild were powerful, the Ant King was able to almost entirely annihilate Japan's strongest guild without effort.

Ant King is the third Magic Beast to be able to communicate with our protagonist Jin-woo, the first was Baruka inside the Red Gate.

During the 4th Jeju Island Reclamation Raid, Team Charlie of the Draw Sword Guild was clearing out hordes of ants to draw attention towards themselves while the Korean S-Rank hunters attempted to slay the Ant Queen, the boss of the Jeju Island Dungeon.

While the trio of S-Rank hunters was talking to one another, Kenzo Tanaka looked away to observe another horde of ants to be coming their way. Once he turned back, he was shocked to find Akari to be decapitated by an unknown assailant who was later revealed to be the Ant King. After swiftly killing all 3 S-Rank Japanese hunters of Team Charlie, Team Delta consisting of Ippei Izawa and Kei were ordered to locate their missing guild members. Investigating the area they were stationed around, Izawa discovered the headless corpses of his guild members. Kei, noticing the presence of the Ant King, released his ice magic in an attempt to protect himself. Both Kei and Izawa were swiftly killed by the Ant King before they could react in time.

After the annihilation of both Team Charlie and Team Delta of the Draw Sword Guild, the Ant King headed for the Queen's nest only to find his queen dead as a result of the combined efforts of the Korean S-Rank hunters. Enraged, the Ant King began to attack the Korean S-Rank Hunters, who were powerless against it. After instantly rendering Cha Hae-In unconscious with a single attack, the Ant King began toying with the Korean Hunters, stating:

"You are all weak"

The Ant King discovers the remains of his Queen

to the Korean Hunters as they were unable to fight back against it. Noticing the Korean hunters being healed by an unknown source, which was Min Byung-Gyu the Ant King adopted a new strategy, to target the healer and kill him. Min Byung-Gu, hiding with his Camouflage skill, was quickly exposed as he continued to heal fellow hunters who would have died without his healing. The Ant King swiftly killed Min Byung-Gyu and ate his head before sensing the strength of a powerful hunter nearby, who was Goto Ryuji.

Landing before Goto Ryuji, the Ant King asked Goto if he was the 'King of the Humans' to which he confidently replied

"A king is it? That's right, I'm the king"

However, Goto was unable to react to the Ant King's immense speed and was instantly decapitated in one slash after which the Ant King annihilated the remains of the S-Rank hunters in the Draw Sword Guild.

Jin-Woo and the Ant King clash

After the defeat of the human 'king', the Ant King assumed its title as King until sensing the magical energy of Jin-Woo who had appeared on the island using 'Shadow Exchange'. The Ant King rushed towards Jin-Woo's location, instantly recognizing him with the immense power that could be sensed from him. Attacking Jin-Woo with his might, the King was surprised to learn that the human before him was unharmed, but was suddendly flung into a nearby wall by a single punch by Jin-Woo. Enraged, the King fought with Jin-Woo only to be unable to kill him despite his best attempts. As the two continued to exchange blows, Jin-Woo was slowly becoming wounded during the exchange. However, the King had taken substantially more damage than Jin-Woo with the outer shell of its skin cracking as it realized it was losing in physical strength to Jin-Woo.

Desperate to kill Jin-Woo, it attempted to defeat Jin-Woo using the poison of a Cone Snail it had devoured and gained the ability of. After cutting Jin-Woo with the poison needle, the King was overjoyed, believing it to have gained victory over Jin-Woo, unaware of the System's detoxification ability.

The Ant King is crushed by 'Dominator's touch'

With its second ability being unsuccessful in defeating Jin-Woo, the Ant King resorted to its speed, an ability he was most confident in. Using its claws, it attempted to attack Jin-Woo, only to be quickly pushed back in the contest of speed between the King and humans. Jin-Woo, using his ability Violent Slash, pierced the Ant King causing it to scream out in pain and flee to the air using its wings. However, Jin-Woo using his Ruler's Reach to cut off the Ant King's wing during its attempt to escape.

The Ant King, with no abilities left, was forced to desperately call for a horde of ants to protect itself. However, after Jin-Woo's usage of his Shadow Soldiers, specifically, Tusk to destroy the horde instantly, the King was left with no way to escape and began to slowly crawl to flee, to which Jin-Woo stated:

"Now you look like a proper insect"

Jin-Woo, after securing his victory, used 'Violent Slash' to end the life of the Ant King and ultimately clear Jeju Island of the dangers that existed within it. After clearing all the remaining ants on the island, Jin-Woo turned the Ant King into a shadow soldier and named him Beru, who was the first commander grade soldier in Jin-Woo's shadow soldier army.

For more on the shadow soldier of the Ant King, see Beru


The Ant Queen sacrificed much of her magic power to make her strongest child, the Ant King. The capability of her child proved by the death of many Japanese S-Rank Hunters. The most notable feats of the Ant King was able to one-slash Goto Ryuji, the strongest Japan Hunter. His sheer aura in combination with Jin-Woo's magical energy was capable of making an A-Rank nearly faint.

  • Gluttony - This power allowed him to absorb the abilities, skills, and power of whatever he eats.
  • Flight - Like most of the ants in Jeju Island, the Ant King has the ability to fly.
  • Size Manipulation- The Ant King is able to alter his physical size and appearance to what is most required. During the fight with Jin-Woo, he balloons up, increasing his physical raw strength while sacrificing agility. Inversely, he may sacrifice his large frame for a smaller body with higher agility and speed.
  • Paralysis Poison - An ability to weaken the enemy. The Ant King got this ability after he devoured a sea snail. Even though it was from a sea snail, the poison was evolved because of the Ant King's magical power, resulting to become more deadly than the sea snail's poison. The Ant King make use of this poison by using a needle that coated with the poison at the tip and fired the needle through his mouth.
  • Healing Magic - A self-recovery ability that he showed when fighting Jin-Woo. He got this ability from Min Byung-Gyu by eating his head.
  • Conversation - By gluttony skill, The Ant King able to talk by eating a living being that able to talk. The Ant King was able to talk for the first time by eating Min Byung-Gyu's head. As a result, The Ant King learned the human language (Korean) even though his way of talking was not perfect. Later, after devoured Goto Ryuji and possibly other Japanese S-Rank Hunters, The Ant King learned the Japanese language and able to talk perfectly.


  • Goto Ryuji stated that the magical energy he sensed from the Ant King was comparable only to Jin-Woo signifying the immense strength of the magic beast in its ability to easily kill the most talented S-Rank Hunters.
  • While monitoring the Ant Queen, Japan detected an anomaly with the magical energy readings of the Queen with its magical energy being brought down to less than half of what it was prior. This was the birthing of the Ant King who was created to solely kill powerful hunters.


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