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The Ant Queen (여왕이) was the boss of the Jeju Island S-Rank Gate and the mother of the Ant King.


The Ant Queen was an enormous ant with chitinous white armor and pale lavender eyes.


The Ant Queen cared greatly for her children, as displayed by how she grieved over how they were being forced to resort to cannibalism in order to survive. She was also somewhat strategic, as she deliberately bred the Ant King into a soldier strong enough to take down S-Rank Hunters even as powerful as Goto Ryuji.


About four years before the events of the main storyline, the Ant Queen took over Jeju Island as her new home after the Korean S-Rank Hunters failed to eliminate her. Following the evacuation of the island, the Korean government attempted to take back Jeju three times over the next three years to no avail, as the Ant Queen and her children were able to successfully repel them every time. When the colony eventually began to run out of food, the Ant Queen gave birth to the Ant King and breed him to lead the colony and wipe out anyone who stood in their way.

Jeju Island Arc

During the 4th Jeju Island Raid, the Japanese S-Rank Hunters were successfully able to draw out the ants by using themselves as bait, allowing the Korean S-Rank Hunters to sneak into the queen's chamber undetected. Although the Ant Queen put up a fight, she was eventually overpowered by the Korean S-Rank Hunters and ultimately pushed to the brink of death when Choi Jong-In engulfed her in a massive inferno with his flames. Out of options, the Ant Queen called for help, prompting her children, including the Ant King, to return to the nest. Before they could make it back, however, Cha Hae-In decapitated the Ant Queen with her sword, killing the creature instantly.

Unfortunately, the Korean team was unable to leave the chamber in time before the Ant King showed up. Upon seeing his mother's corpses, he flew into a furious rage and brutally overpowered the Korean S-Rank Hunters, grievously injuring them and killing their healer Min Byung-Gyu.

After Jinwoo killed the Ant King and extracted his shadow, which he named Beru, he went on to extract the Ant Queen's shadow as well. However, after learning from Beru that the Ant Queen was suited for reproduction and not for battle, Jinwoo decided to terminate the extraction, causing the Ant Queen's shadow to evaporate into particles.


As the boss of a S-Rank dungeon and the queen of the ant colony on Jeju Island, the Ant Queen was considerably powerful and had the strength to hold her own against a S-Rank strike squad for an extended period of time. According to Beru, however, her true power lied in her reproductive capabilities; not only was she able to give birth to thousands of ants over a period of four years, with each generation being more advanced than the last, but she was also able to genetically breed them for certain purposes.

  • Poison: The Ant Queen was able to spray a large volume of purple poison from her mouth. It was potent enough to severely injure Baek Yoonho and Ma Dongwook, even though they were both S-Ranks with battle armor equipped for protection.