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Destroy everything. That is the only one mission bestowed upon us.

—Antares to his army, Chapter 236 (Novel)

Antares (안타레스) was the King of Berserk Dragons and the Monarch of Destruction. He was also the strongest Monarch and the final antagonist of Solo Leveling.


Antares was a middle-aged man with reddish-black hair, a beard, and red reptilian eyes that glittered with bloodlust. He wore silver-red armor that covered him from the bottom of his neck right down to his toes.




Antares was the first Monarch to be born and was created to be the most powerful of his kind, with at least ten million soldiers at his disposal. When Ashborn was betrayed by Baran and the Beast Monarch during the first war with the Rulers, Antares was the one to welcome him back.

When the Rulers descended into the human world eons later, Antares found himself in the same pickle that Ashborn was in and could not find a human vessel strong enough to withstand his immense power. As a result, while the other Monarchs were able to find human vessels for themselves relatively quickly and move about in the human world however they pleased, Antares was forced to remain behind until a proper vessel for him could be found.

Monarchs War Arc

After his brief skirmish with Jin-Woo in the human world, the Frost Monarch met up with four of the surviving Monarchs, not including Antares, to inform that the Shadow Monarch had rejoined the Rulers and to ask them for their help in killing him while he was still weak and human. The Iron Body Monarch was the first to refuse, as he believed that fighting the Shadow Monarch was suicide and that it was a better idea to wait for Antares to return instead.

Final Battle Arc

Following the deaths of the every Monarch aside from himself, Yogumunt, and the Iron Body Monarch, Antares descended into the human world through a gigantic gate in Canada to fight and kill Jin-Woo himself. Upon arriving, he then began razing everything to the ground in his path, reducing entire cities to ash and slaughtering millions of people, including both Adam White and Jay Mills, in the process.

When Antares finally confronted Jin-Woo in person, the two Monarchs duked it out and despite Jin-Woo's best efforts, Antares ultimately beat him to a pulp, but not without sustaining grievous injuries himself. Before he could kill Jin-Woo, however, the seven other Rulers suddenly appeared and rushed Antares with their blades from all direction, fatally wounding him as a result. Realizing that the whole thing had been a setup and that Jin-Woo had deliberately lured him here to kill him once and for all, Antares was helpless to change anything as he succumbed to his injuries and died, finally ending the war and saving humanity from certain extinction.


As the strongest Monarch, Antares was the most powerful individual ever created, with only Ashborn holding his candle to him and even then, he was still superior to the Shadow Monarch in raw strength.

  • Immense Physical Prowess
  • Dragon's Fear: Antares was able to release a mana-infused shot from his soul, driving anyone weaker than him into a state of despair and panic.
  • Breath of Destruction: Like his servant Kamish could, Antares was able to shoot an extremely deadly torrent of fire from his mouth. Unlike Kamish's breath attack, however, Antares' version was much more powerful and could erase anything from existence, even Jin-Woo's supposedly unkillable shadow soldiers.
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation: Antares was able to transform into an enormous dragon.
  • Telepathy
  • Spatial Manipulation: Antares was able to almost effortlessly control space however he wished.


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