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If you wish to save your family, it shall be. If you wish to save your nation, it shall be done. If you wish for me to leave this land, fine. My soldiers and I shall quietly withdraw from this world. You shall become the master of this world. Become a master of the whole planet, not just that castle over there. You amply possess the qualifications to do so. All you have to do... is to take my hand.

—Antares, the Dragon Monarch to Sung Jin-Woo, the Shadow Monarch, Novel Chapter 241


  • Dragon Fear
    • Dragon Roaring
  • Breath of Destruction
    • Dragon Breathing
  • Body Transformation
    • Dragon Form Transformation
    • Human Form Transformation
  • Gate/Portal Creation
    • Dimensional Travel
  • Telepathy
Debut Appearances
Novel Webtoon
228 TBA

Antares, the Dragon Emperor and the Monarch of Destruction (파멸의 군주 용제 안타레스(pamyeol-ui gunju yongje antaleseu)) is one of the Monarchs who invaded earth, an archenemy of the Rulers. He is considered as the most powerful of the Monarchs. It was stated that the Shadow Monarch would be dealt with ease if the Dragon Emperor was present. He is also the final antagonist of Solo Leveling.


In the novel, it was said that his vessel was a middle-aged man with reddish-black hair and beard. His attire was kitted out in the most gorgeous metallic armor that boasted an arresting blend of silvery and reddish colors, extending from just below his neck right down to his toes.


Antares is, like all other monarchs, a creation of the Absolute Being and destroyed things as it was his purpose of life and fought alongside the other monarchs against the Rulers. When Ashborn was betrayed by the Beast and Demon emperors, Antares was the one to welcome him back after that. He was in the same pickle as the Shadow Sovereign; no human body was powerful enough to contain his enormous power, so he is only introduced in flashbacks. He will descend on Earth once all the other monarchs were defeated (with the exception of The Monarch of Transfiguration and The Monarch of the Iron Body).

He will come out with his army of destruction from a massive gate in Canada and will start destroying everything in his way including several high-ranked Hunters from Canada, he will then confront a Jin-Woo that prepared a strategy to drag him into a favorable situation to Jin-Woo and will let himself get dragged over to see what he cooked up.

After a long fight in which he transformed from his human form to a massive dragon, Antares is able to defeat Jin-Woo and prepares to kill him. However, the rulers and their armies appear to fight against the remnants of the monarchs. The eight rulers use their blades to rush and pierce Antares from 8 directions. Antares looks at Jin-Woo's smiling face in rage before he succumbs to his wounds and ultimately dies ending the war between the Monarchs and Rulers.


As Godly Beings are not affected by the use of the Chalice of Rebirth, he will retain his memories from before the time rewind, but he will be hunted down by Jin-Woo in the gap between dimensions and will be killed alongside the other monarchs.



  • Antares is named after the star of the same name Antares
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