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The Architect was the hidden boss of the Double Dungeon and the moderator of the System.


The Architect was a large stone statue of a hooded angel with six wings, eight arms, glowing light red eyes, black sclera, a cruel smile, and a thin oblong-shaped purple gemstone in the middle of his forehead. After Jinwoo punched the stone off his face, his real face underneath was revealed to be whitish-blue in color.


The Architect was an extremely psychotic and egotistical individual who took great pride in his work and had a very disdainful attitude towards humanity, as displayed when he started screaming in both rage and disbelief when he realized that Jinwoo was winning against him. He was also fiercely loyal to the Monarchs and lost his temper when he realized that Ashborn had betrayed them to the Rulers.


At some point after the Monarchs launched their assault on the human world, the Architect came to Ashborn and offered to help him find a suitable human vessel in exchange for immortality. As he was already having a hard time searching on his own, Ashborn agreed to his proposal, and the Architect created the System in order to speed up the search.[1]

After years of searching with little luck, the Architect finally found a human who passed all of his tests and exceeded all of his expectations: Sung Jinwoo. Despite this, he did not believe that Jinwoo was the right choice and protested when Ashborn ultimately chose the boy to be his vessel.

Double Dungeon Arc

When Jinwoo reached level 100, the Architect invited him back to the Double Dungeon so that the Ashborn could take control of him as his vessel and finally descend into the human world as they had originally planned.[2] After Jinwoo passed his test with flying colors by defeating both him and his statues in a series of brutal fights, the Architect put him into a trance-like state and waited for Ashborn's arrival.[3]

Unfortunately for the Architect, however, Ashborn had no intention of taking control of Jinwoo as his vessel and wished to transfer his powers instead to make Jinwoo his heir. As a result, he chose to betray the Architect by locking him out of the System and giving Jinwoo the black heart. Although the Architect eventually realized Ashborn's treachery when Jinwoo regained control of his own body, he was unable to do anything to defend himself, as Ashborn had stripped him of his power over the System, and was left wide open when Jinwoo sliced him to pieces, killing him on the spot.[4]


As the creator and moderator of the System, the Architect was an immensely powerful individual.

  • Immense Strength: The Architect possessed immense physical strength. As a testament to this, he was able to send Jinwoo flying with one punch and push him to his limit over the course of their battle.
  • Immense Speed: The Architect possessed immense speed and was able to move so fast that Jinwoo initially had trouble reacting in time to his attacks.
  • Immense Durability: The Architect possessed immense durability. He was able to quickly recover after Jinwoo punched him in the face and was able to keep moving normally even after Jinwoo cut off his arms and slammed him into the ground.
  • Conversation: The Architect was somehow able to speak and understand Korean perfectly.
  • Statue Manipulation: The Architect was able to effortlessly control his statues like puppets.
  • System Moderation: The Architect had near-absolute power over the System and was able to manipulate it however he pleased, to the point that he could have stripped Jinwoo of his powers had Ashborn not locked him out of it first.
  • Ruler's Authority: The Architect was able to telekinetically move and control objects.