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Atsushi Kumamoto (쿠마모토 아츠시) is a Japanese S-Rank Hunter under the Draw Sword Guild.


Kumamoto is a young man with long messy black hair and sharp facial features. He wears a white surgical mask and has a white eyepatch covering his left eye.[1] In his frenzied state, his eyes glow light red.


Despite his level of strength, Kumamoto is a coward and loses his composure very easily. In battle, he prefers to go after the weakest opponent from the start and even then, often attacks them from behind.


Four days before the 4th Jeju Island Raid was slated to take place, Kumamoto met up with the rest of the Jeju Island Raid Party inside the Korean Hunters' Gym. He participated in the 4v4 sparring match between the two teams and initially faced off against Baek Yoonho before changing targets to Cha Hae-In. When he got carried away against her, however, Jinwoo intervened to save her from injury and incapacitated him when he refused to back down.[2]

During the 4th Jeju Island Raid, Kumamoto was a member of Team Bravo alongside Kanae. He was later seen leaving the island alongside Kanae and Hoshino following the raid's end.


As a hunter whose abilities were recognized by Goto Ryuji, Kumamoto is obviously competent as a S-Rank. He is also said to be able to clear B-Rank Gates all by himself.

  • Enhanced Strength: Kumamoto possesses great physical strength. He was able to create wind pressure by simply swinging his hand and easily punch a large hole through the ground of the Korean Hunters' Gym.
  • Enhanced Speed: Kumamoto possesses great speed. He was able to easily keep up with Baek in their sparring bout and easily dodge his attacks. He was also displayed to be faster than Cha and would have easily landed a kick on her had Jinwoo not jumped in and blocked his strike.
  • Enhanced Durability: Kumamoto possesses a great deal of durability, as evidenced by how he was able to keep going after after Cha barraged him in the face with her punches and made him bleed.
  • Berserker State: Kumamoto has the unique ability to go into an frenzied state whenever he is severely injured, causing him to attack indiscriminately with no sense of fear or self-control. However, it's not made clear if this ability is a passive skill, a mental illness, or some kind of defense mechanism.