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Bae Yoon-Suk is the leader of the Hunters Guild's mining team. Although he appears in the webtoon, he is only named in the novel.


Yoonsuk is a middle-aged man with black hair and a neatly trimmed mustache and beard. He wears a yellow vest over the standard gray mining uniform.


Yoonsuk is a friendly and open individual who does not seem to care for ranks, as he demonstrated by his pleasant attitude towards Jinwoo on his first day. He also has a great respect for good work and went as far as to personally get Jinwoo a double pay raise for his incredible mining skills.


As the leader of the Hunter Guild's mining team, Yoonsuk served as Jinwoo's boss when the latter signed up to make some fast cash, unaware of the fact that Jinwoo was actually a S-Rank Hunter.

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