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I always believed that a single hero couldn't end a war by himself. But after recent events, I'm starting to think that maybe I was wrong. Chin up, Mr. Sung. You were able to put an end to this tragedy.

—Baek Yoonho to Sung Jinwoo , Chapter 108 (Webtoon)

Baek Yoonho (‎백윤호) is a Korean S-Rank hunter who specializes in transformation magic and the Guild Master of the White Tiger Guild.


Baek is a muscular young man with spiky orange hair, orange eyes, pronounced canine teeth, and neatly trimmed sideburns. He is typically seen wearing a black tux. During the Jeju Island Raid, he wore a black armor with yellow shoulder guards, gray pants, and a set of golden claws. When using his powers, his eyes glow yellow, his hair turns white, and his pupils become slits.


Baek is a serious man who cares for his guild members, as demonstrated when he nearly got into a fight with Hwang Dongsoo when the man choked one of his employees and then tried to force an explanation from Jinwoo when only three of his guild members survived the Red Gate Incident. He is also curious and notably perceptive, as he was the first person to realize that Jinwoo had no limit to his strength.


As a S-Rank Hunter, Baek is one of the top hunters in Korea.

  • Enhanced Strength: Baek possesses great physical strength, as he was able to fight evenly against Ma Dongwook without fully transforming and generate small bursts of wind pressure with his strikes. His transformation ability was also said to buff his strength to the point that he would be able to easily overpower Dongwook in a 1-on-1 battle.
  • Enhanced Speed: Baek possesses great speed. He was able to react in time to Kumamoto's attacks and keep up with the latter during their sparring bout.
  • Enhanced Durability: Baek possesses a great deal of durability, as displayed by how he was able to continue moving even after being badly beaten and strangled by the Ant King.
  • Transformation: Baek is able to transform into a tiger-like monster with white fur, pure white hair, sharp claws, and prominent fangs, which significantly increases his strength and speed. He is also able to partially transform and chose which specific body parts to transform, as displayed when he only transformed his hands and hair during his sparring match with Kumamoto.
  • Eyes of the Beast: Baek is able to read the strength level of a monster or another hunter with his eyes. This skill also enhances his reflexes as a bonus.



  1. The epilogue showed that Baek Yoonho's occupation is a firefighter.

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