Baran (바란) was the King of Demons, the Monarch of White Flames, and the dungeon boss of the Demon Castle.


Baran was a huge, muscular demon with gray skin, glowing red eyes, glowing flame-like white hair, a long tail, and four horns on his head, two of which were very long and curved. He also wore pale yellow armor on his shoulders, elbows, fingers, and groin area.


Baran was brash and foolish, as he genuinely thought that he stood a chance against Ashborn with the Beast Monarch's help despite the vast power gap between them. He also did not show weakness easily and continued to mock Ashborn even in the face of his own death.


Eons ago, when the first war with the Rulers was seemingly just about to end, Baran betrayed Ashborn and attempted to kill him with the Beast Monarch's help. Unfortunately for him, Ashborn proved to be far too strong and easily defeated both of them, grievously wounding Baran and prompting the Beast Monarch to run for his life.

With Baran beaten and too injured to move, Ashborn angrily demanded to know why he chose to betray him when the war was just about to end. When Baran refused to talk, Ashborn killed him by crushing his skull in one hand.

Return to Demon Castle Arc

About ten years after humanity was exposed to the existence of magic and monsters, a perfect copy of Baran was created by the Architect to serve as the dungeon boss of the Demon Castle. When Jin-Woo, Ashborn's human vessel, finally arrived on the Demon Castle's 100th floor, the two of them duked it out and Baran eventually gained the upper hand due to his superior strength. However, at that point in the battle, Esil distracted him by throwing a dagger at his face. Although the dagger bounced off Baran's face harmlessly, the distraction gave Jin-Woo an opening and he killed Baran with a powerful punch to his jaw.

Double Dungeon Arc

During his test with the Architect in the Cartenon Temple, Jinwoo witnessed a memory from Ashborn in which he defeated the real Baran in battle and murdered him for his betrayal.

Monarchs War Arc

When the Frost Monarch approached the other surviving Monarchs and asked for their help in killing Jinwoo while he was still weak and human, the Iron Body Monarch and Yogumunt both refused, as neither of them wanted to risk suffering Baran's fate.


As a Monarch, Baran was an immensely powerful individual.

  • Immense Physical Prowess: Baran was incredibly strong, to the point that he was able to easily force Jin-Woo onto the defensive and ultimately overpower him in their fight.
  • Hell's Army: Baran was able to summon his demon army via portals.
  • Lightning Breath: Baran was able to shoot deadly torrents of lightning from his mouth, applying a stun debuff to his targets as a bonus effect. He was also able to choose between using it as an AoE attack or focusing it on a single opponent.


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