Baruka was the leader of the Hyakki (Ice Elves), a cunning and powerful group of monsters that enjoyed killing Hunters.


As an ice elf, Baruka had snow-white hair, blue skin, blank white eyes, a malicious smile, and a purple leaf pattern on his forehead.


Baruka was very arrogant and sadistic, boasting frequently during battle and taking great joy in killing humans. He was also intelligent, as he quickly realized that Jin-Woo was not completely human, and was also the first monster to converse with him, albeit only in monster tongue.


Baruka was smart enough to use stealth and follow Kim Chul as a guide, leading the Ice Elves directly to the other surviving Hunters. During the brief conversation with Jin-Woo, he reveals that there was a voice in their heads ordering them to kill all humans, however, that voice did not apply when it came to Sung Jin-Woo. When Jin-Woo asked about it, Baruka wasn't allowed to give a decent answer, as he was controlled by the Monarchs schemes.

It should be noted that he referred to the group of A-Ranks and B-Ranks in the Red Gate Incident as garbage, except Jin-Woo who he refers to as a 'useful guy among the trashes', making it quite clear that Baruka is at least an S-Rank Magic Beast.


As a S-Rank magic beast, Baruka was considerably powerful, to the point that he was easily able to overpower Kim Chul and his small raid party. He was also strong enough to the point that Jin-Woo was only able to kill him at the time by triple-teaming him with Iron and Igris.

  • Stealth: Baruka was able to camouflage with his surroundings.
  • Swordsmanship: Baruka was able to fight with Jin-Woo on even ground and easily take out Igris in their sword fight.
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