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Baruka was an ice elf warlord and the boss of the Red Gate Dungeon.


As an ice elf, Baruka had snow-white hair, blue skin, blank white eyes, a cruel smile, black fingernails, and a purple leaf pattern on his forehead. He also wore a furry white and blue parka.


Baruka was egotistical and sadistic, boasting frequently during battle and taking great joy in killing humans. He was also noticeably intelligent for a magic beast, as he quickly realized that Jinwoo was not completely human.


When Kim Chul and his fellow hunters went looking for Baruka so that they could clear the dungeon and leave, Baruka and his troops easily defeated their small raid party and killed every single member except for Kim Chul, who ran away in terror. Seeking to finish Kim Chul off, Baruka followed him through the forest and ran into Jinwoo. Upon realizing that Jinwoo wasn't completely human and was strong enough to give him a good fight, Baruka offered to spare his life if he sacrificed the lives of his squad members in return. Naturally, Jinwoo refused Baruka's offer and summoned his shadow army to deal with Baruka's troops.

Although Baruka initially had the upper hand, Jinwoo's shadow army ultimately prevailed against his troops and Baruka eventually found himself struggling against the combined efforts of Iron, Igris, and Jinwoo. With his men falling all around him, Baruka charged Jinwoo with the intent to kill, but was thwarted when the human threw his dagger at him and telekinetically accelerated it, shattering his own blade. Completely surrounded and weaponless at this point, Baruka grabbed Jinwoo's arm in one last desperate attempt to kill him, but realized too late that Iron had sneaked up right behind him. As a result, Baruka was left wide open as the shadow smashed him into the ground with his battle axe, killing him on the spot.


As a S-Rank magic beast, Baruka was considerably powerful, to the point that Jinwoo was only able to kill him at the time by triple-teaming him with Iron and Igris.

  • Master Swordsman: Baruka was proficient at swordsmanship, as displayed by how he was able to easily defeat Igris and match Jinwoo in skill.
  • Enhanced Strength: Baruka possessed great strength. He was able to easily block Jinwoo's attacks and knock him backward a good distance by just kicking him in the chest.
  • Enhanced Speed: Baruka possessed great speed. Even while being pinned down, he was still able to move fast enough to keep Jinwoo from stabbing him in his weak spots.
  • Enhanced Durability: Baruka possessed a great deal of durability. He was able to withstand being stabbed multiple times and was physically unharmed after walking right through a fireball.
  • Stealth: Baruka was able to camouflage with his surroundings and hide all traces of his presence, essentially turning himself both physically and magically invisible.
  • Conversation: Baruka was able to communicate with Jinwoo, albeit only in monster tongue.