Baruka is one of the few Magic Beasts capable of communicating with Humans. His rank was unknown, but based on the fight he put up against Sung Jin-Woo and his shadows, he was most likely an S-Rank combatant.


Baruka was the leader of the Hyakki (Ice Elves), a cunning and powerful group of monsters that enjoyed killing Hunters.

He was smart enough to use stealth and follow Kim Chul as a guide, leading the Ice Elves directly to the other surviving Hunters. During the brief conversation with Jin-Woo, he reveals that there was a voice in their heads ordering them to kill all humans, however, that voice did not apply when it came to Sung Jin-Woo. When Jin-Woo asked about it, Baruka wasn't allowed to give a decent answer, as he was controlled by the Monarchs schemes.

Jin-Woo, Iron, and Igris triple-teamed Baruka and killed him. To the great disappointment of Jin-woo, he was unable to turn Baruka into a Shadow.

It should be noted that he referred to the group of A-Ranks and B-Ranks in the Red Gate Incident as garbage, except Jin-Woo who he refers to as a 'useful guy among the trashes', making it quite clear that Baruka is at least an A-Rank Magic Beast.

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