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The Beast Monarch was the King of Beasts and one of the nine Monarchs.


The Beast Monarch was a huge, muscular young man with tan skin, glowing yellow eyes, and wild black hair. He wore silver fur over his shoulders, forearms, back, and lower legs, a ragged skirt with a thick silver fur waistline, and gold-trimmed white armor on his right shoulder and over his groin area.


The Beast Monarch was an aggressive and bloodthirsty individual who enjoyed a good kill and never wasted a chance to butcher his enemies. Despite his intimidating appearance, he was also a coward at heart, as he unhesistantly left Baran behind to die after Ashborn easily defeated them both in battle.


During the first war with the Rulers, the Beast Monarch and Baran attempted to kill Ashborn together. When their attempt miserably failed, the Beast Monarch abandoned Baran and fled.

Jeju Island Arc

Several days after Korea successfully reclaimed Jeju Island from a S-Rank dungeon break, the Beast Monarch sensed traces of Ashborn's power on the island and traveled there to make sure. When he arrived, he almost immediately ran into a group of humans from the Knights Guild, who were in the midst of cleaning up the area at the time.

When the humans became aggressive after discovering him, the Beast Monarch decided to kill him, but before he could make a move, the Frost Monarch appeared behind him and instantly knocked the humans out with his sleep magic. Annoyed that the Frost Monarch had gotten in his way, the Beast Monarch nevertheless decided to drop the issue since the humans were already unconscious and confirmed that not only had Ashborn been here on the island several days before, but for whatever reason, he was now helping the humans.

Although he was intrigued by this development, the Frost Monarch noted that it was too minor to affect them and that everything was still on schedule. However, the Beast Monarch disagreed, claiming that there was also a Ruler in Korea, and suggested that they deal with him before leaving.

Not wanting to get ahead of himself, the Frost Monarch refused, opened a gate, and left. Disgusted by the Frost Monarch's "cowardice" but also unwilling to take on a Ruler all by himself, the Beast Monarch decided to leave the scene quietly and left through his own gate, leaving the humans to later regain consciousness with no memory of their encounter with the two Monarchs

Japan Crisis Arc

About a month after the events of the 4th Jeju Island Raid, the Beast Monarch, Querehsha, and the Iron Body Monarch ambushed Christopher Reed in his home and brutally murdered him in the battle that followed, leaving his badly mangled corpse behind for the humans to find.

Monarchs War Arc

Following his encounter with Jin-Woo in the human world, the Frost Monarch met up with four of the surviving Monarchs, including the Beast Monarch, to inform them that the Shadow Monarch had rejoined the Rulers and asked for their help in killing him while he was still weak and human. Despite the fact that he had narrowly escaped death in his first fight with the Shadow Monarch, the Beast Monarch agreed to help, as he believed that Jin-Woo had yet to inherit all of Ashborn's immense power like the Frost Monarch had claimed.


As a Monarch, the Beast Monarch was an immensely powerful individual.

  • Immense Physical Prowess
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation: The Beast Monarch was able to transform into a gigantic white werewolf.
  • Gate Creation: The Beast Monarch was able to create red-colored gates for himself to travel through just by slashing at the air.


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