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The Beast Monarch (야수 송곳니의 군주) was the King of Beasts and the Monarch of Beastly Fangs. It was one of the Monarchs that joined the Ice Monarch on the plan to kill the Shadow Monarch (Jin-Woo) while he was still human.


The Beast Monarch was said to be a hulking figure, standing at 2 Meters tall or 6'5. It had the ability to summon and un-summon large fangs and looked vaguely human, holding no intelligence behind its eyes. The Beast Monarch's true form was actually a White Werewolf, a rare Magic Beast that has not been seen for a decade.


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The Beast Monarch was created by the Absolute being with the same goal as all other monarchs: Destroy in order to entertain their creator. The most notable event that involved him in the past is when he and the demon sovereign, Baran, betrayed Ashborn, his ally. During that betrayal, Baran got killed and the beast monarch ran his tail between his legs.

The Beast Monarch appears on Jeju Island whilst the Knights Guild was surveying the area and collecting the magic crystals. He appears alongside the Ice Monarch of which the latter renders the hunters unconscious. They discuss Jin-Woo's abilities and why such power was being used to help humans. They leave after mentioning a different man who they must hunt in South Korea.

He then reappears when he came to Earth, The Ice Monarch, and the Insects Monarch, Quaresha, to kill the shadow monarch while he was still human. During his march, he will be opposed by the American tank, Thomas Andre, but he will defeat him easily. When Jin-Woo will appear, all three of them will attack him, the insects sovereign will die at the hands of Jin-Woo after a deadly brawl. However, during the first confrontation, the Beast Monarch is able to pierce Jin-Woo which is followed by the ice Spears of the Ice Monarch. Jin-Woo 'dies' and the system displays the message.

[Player Has Died]

The Beast Monarch and Ice Monarch laugh as Jin-Woo falls to the ground lifelessly. However, they soon notice that Jin-Woo's body is giving off an ominous aura. They suddendly come to the realization that the previous shadow monarch, Ashborn is preparing to make his descent on Earth and kill them. He and the ice Monarch panic and attempt to destroy Jin-Woo's body before Ashborn arrives. Meanwhile, Ashborn tells Jin-Woo that he has no intention to use his body as a host and gives Jin-Woo the choice to live his life in an ideal illusion of happiness and die or to come back to Earth and fight a tiresome battle against the Monarchs. Jin-Woo chooses the latter and is resurrected with the full powers of the shadow monarch.

The Beast Monarch panics and runs away into a forest. His army follows him as they hide in silence attempting to locate Ashborn fearing the power of death whilst saying that "he hears it approaching". He will hide in a jungle with some of his loyal beasts but he will be found very easily by Jin-Woo who has awakened with the full powers of the Shadow Sovereign. After being located and rendered helpless with the death of his army, Jin-Woo offers the beast monarch a deal. He states that if he can survive 5 attacks from Jin-Woo, he will be forgiven for his sins. Jin-Woo mentions that he will be forgiven but should not expect to forgiven without suffering and hence, the Beast Monarch is dead upon the fourth blow.


  • Transformation: The Monarch had the ability to turn into a white werewolf, a powerful magic beast that was extremely rare.
  • Gate Creation/Dimensional Travel: The Beast Monarch, alongside all Monarchs and Rulers, possesses the ability to create and close gates and travel through them. Higher Beings use gates as a means of transportation. The Beast Monarch would slash the air, creating a gate with a red color, similar to a red gate that would form in thin air. This is in contrast to the Ice Monarch's Gate which was a light blue, similar to all gates seen on Earth.
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