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Beru (베르) is the shadow of the Ant King extracted on Jeju Island and the first shadow of Sung Jin-Woo that had the ability to communicate with him.


Beru is a tall humanoid ant shadow that retains his original ant-like appearance. He has a dark shadow body with smoke seeping from his body. He has neon blue eyes that emit a light aura. His wings are a lighter tint of blue in a cross shape attached to his back. Beru has sharp claws and a slender body similar to his first appearance as the Ant King.


He has a wide variety of personality traits and is altogether not too different from his master.

Despite him being a Magic Beast and an ant on top of that, he does an unusual amount of thinking as shown in his POV and does a lot of strategic thinking and self-contemplation.

Prior to his Shadow extraction, he was quite a dutiful being who devoted himself entirely to the protection of his clan and his Queen. When the latter died, he suddenly developed a stroke of pride, arrogance, and greed, christening himself as the new ant king. After guarding his liege's family and watching historical TV dramas from the shadows, he developed a unique, comical historic way of speech.

After he was Shadow extracted, the personality persisted with the sole exception of Jin-Woo who he shows nothing but loyalty to.

He showed his dutiful side to his master at all times. When he was ordered to stay behind in the near S rank dungeon in Busan, he was forced to oversee the ants that were clearing a dungeon on his behalf.

After one of the ants got into an altercation with the leader of the raid in regards to the loot, the leader of the raid was injured. Beru subsequently scolded the Shadow ant by kicking it into a wall and used healing magic on the injured.

After meeting the Boss of the Dungeon, the Arch Lich, the Lich is in confusion and says that he was chosen by the 'King' (who is hinted to be the Shadow Monarch) and there should be no reason Beru was there. But Beru cuts the Lich off, killing him.

Beru was shown to be extremely loyal to Jin-Woo, even to the point of risking his existence fighting one of the monarchs, Querehsha. After Beru reached Marshal grade, he even challenged Bellion, the grand marshal, just to stand next to Jin-Woo, not realizing that they can still both stand next to him at the same time, one on the right, the other on the left, and Igris in the back.

Beru was frequently scolded by Jin-Woo for watching too much historical dramas which caused the shadow to start speaking like in the movies. The shadow was also scolded by Jin-Woo for asking if it can build a tiny lodge so Jin-Woo can rest more comfortably and ended up building a giant mansion.


The Ant King was born to protect the hive from the humans after the queen had gotten wary from the attacks that had only gotten more powerful against her and her nest and had subsequently decided to place all her hopes on a single ant that was as strong as she could possibly make.

After being killed by Jin-Woo inside the Ant Cave on Jeju Island, Jin-Woo cleared the island and attempted to resurrect him. After saying 'Arise' once, Jin-Woo was consumed by darkness and was unable to sense anything near him. After a few seconds, Jin-Woo was back to normal and noticed the Status Message in the corner.

"Shadow Extraction was successful"

Shadow Grade

Ever since Beru became a Shadow, his Grade was Commander Grade. However, after quite a few chapters, he is hinted to have 'molted' and evolved past Commander Grade, which was Marshal Grade. The Marshal grade is the second-highest grade behind the Grand-Marshal Rank possessed by Belion, an original member of Ashborn's shadow army.


The Ant King (Beru) was an extremely strong magic beast, able to one-slash the likes of Goto Ryuji and all of his S-ranked guild members by himself without difficulty. After he was extracted by Sung Jin-Woo, his shadow grade was Commander, the third strongest grade shown in the novel. As in the case of Iron, who's body gets bigger when extracted as a shadow soldier, Beru certainly becomes stronger than when he was alive, making him more powerful. At some point in the novel, he reached Marshal grade, the second strongest grade. Beru later fights Bellion to determine who is suitable to have the position of Grand-Marshal. Even though Beru was lost in the duel, it still makes Beru the second or the third strongest in the shadow army (It was still unknown if Marshal Igris were weaker or stronger than Beru).

Warning! The following is light novel spoilers that have not been covered in the Solo Leveling Manhwa. Click on "Expand" if you wish to read.

In the war against the Monarchs, Beru showed amazing feats to dueling his physical strength against the Monarch of the Iron Body. The Monarch who got ambushed by over 130.000 shadow soldiers, got enraged because of the Shadow Monarch's way of thinking of a tactic was that of a human. The Monarch, enraged, changed to his bigger-sized form and said a humiliating word towards Jin-Woo. As he was going to attack Tusk, who blocked the Monarch's telepathic communication, he got his path blocked by Beru. Beru, who got angry because of his King was humiliated by the Monarch, grabbed the Monarch's hands, the Monarch, enraged by Beru's action, increased his strength, resulting in Beru's hands got twisted. After that, Beru also changed to his double-sized form. It is unknown what happened later. In the case of Ice Monarch, who said that he must be careful when fighting against Igris, this means that Marshal-graded shadows were able to harm some Monarchs, this makes the possibilities that Beru killed the Monarch of the Iron Body, while the other possibilities were that the Monarch got ganged up by Bellion, Beru, Igris, and the other shadows.

  • Gluttony - This power allowed him to absorb the abilities, skills, and power of whatever he eats.
  • Flight - Certainly he was still able to fly with his wings just like when he was alive.
  • Size Manipulation- The Ant King is able to alter his physical size and appearance to what is most required. During the fight with Jin-Woo, he balloons up, increasing his physical raw strength while sacrificing agility. Inversely, he may sacrifice his large frame for a smaller body with higher agility and speed. During the battle with the Monarch of Iron Body, Beru doubles his size with this ability to increase his raw strength to fight against the enemy.
  • Paralysis Poison - Even though it was never shown to be used again when he was a shadow soldier, certainly he still has this ability. It was an ability to weaken the enemy. Beru got this ability after he devoured a sea snail when he was alive. Even though it was from a sea snail, the poison was evolved because of the Ant King's (Beru) magical power, resulting to become more deadly than the sea snail's poison. The Ant King (Beru) make use of this poison by using a needle that coated with the poison at the tip and fired the needle through his mouth.
  • Healing MagicIn the later chapter, Sung Jin-Woo ordered Beru to use this ability to heal the heavily wounded Go Gun-Hee. It was a healing ability that he showed when fighting Jin-Woo when Beru was alive as the Ant King. The Ant King (Beru) got this ability from Min Byung-Gyu by eating his head.
  • Conversation - After he was extracted, his grade was commander, as a result, he able to talk just like when he was alive. (In the novel, only commander grade or above that has been shown to be able to talk just like when they are alive)
  • Regeneration - As long as Jin-Woo has sufficient mana, the shadows able to regenerate their damaged/destroyed parts very quickly.


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