Beru (베르) is the shadow of the Ant King.


Beru is a huge humanoid ant shadow with a light purple glow, neon eyes, sharp claws, and smoky wings.


Due to having been born to kill, Beru revels in his power and has an obvious bloodlust for battle, with Jin-Woo outright calling him a killing machine. He is also very brutal in battle, rarely holding back unless ordered to, and typically goes straight for the weak spots.

Outside of battle, however, Beru behaves respectfully to his master and has a lighter side to his personality. A running gag to his character is his strange hobby of watching Korean period dramas, which caused him to develop an amusingly historic way of speech.


Jeju Island Arc

After Jin-Woo killed the Ant King, he extracted the the monster's shadow to add to his army. Much to his surprise, however, the shadow displayed the ability to speak to him and asked for him to give him a name. Correctly deducing that the shadow was able to talk due to its higher rank, Jin-Woo named him Beru and then sent him out to slaughter what was left of the ant colony.

Ah-jin Guild Arc

During his guild test for Cha Hae-In, Jin-Woo summoned out Beru to spar with her at her own request. Due to the massive gap in strength between him and Cha, Beru was forced to hold back for the entire match and repeatedly attempted to make her submit by easily dodging her attacks and screeching in her face, to no avail. Growing irritated, he crushed her sword in one hand, but much to his surprise, she refused to back down and used a skill on him, successfully impaling him right in the back.

Unfortunately, this activated Beru's shadow "programming" and led him to see Cha as a threat to his master, causing him to lose control and attack her with the intent to kill. Fortunately, Jin-Woo intervened and grabbed Beru's hand before his attack could land, saving Cha. Realizing his mistake, Beru jumped back and begged Jin-Woo for mercy.

Several days after his guild test for Cha, Jin-Woo went on a raid with the Knights Guild to help them with an exceptionally powerful A-Rank Gate in Busan. However, just when the raid had started, Jin-Woo started receiving signals from the shadows he had planted on Jin-Ah and realized that she was in danger. With no other choice, he summoned Beru to take his place and took off towards Jin-Ah's location.

With the other humans intimidated by him, Beru took charge of the raid and made easy work of the monsters in the gate, slaughtering them with little effort. When he finally arrived in the boss room, the dungeon boss, an Arch Lich, recognized him as a shadow soldier and demanded to know why the army of shadows was attacking him and his minions. In response, Beru sneered at the Lich and told him that while he and his fellow shadows had been chosen by the king, the Lich had not been. Refusing to accept this answer, the Arch Lich demanded to speak to the king directly, but before he could even make a move, Beru ripped his heart out of his chest in one clean shot, mocking the Lich for talking so much even though he was about to die. With that, Beru crushed the Arch Lich's heart in one hand, killing the monster and all of his minions almost instantly.

Double Dungeon Arc

Sometime after the massacre at Jin-Ah's school, Jin-Woo assigned Beru to watch over her while she recovered from the traumatizing incident. Not knowing that his master would be able to monitor him through his Shadow Preservation skill, Beru used the opportunity to watch Korean period dramas, causing him to develop his signature historic manner of speech.

Shortly after his test with the Architect, Jin-Woo summoned Beru for a talk and scolded him for watching period dramas instead of focusing on guarding Jin-Ah, to which Beru flinched out of guilt. When Jin-Woo asked Beru how his sister was doing, Beru replied that she hadn't done much but sleep while he was guarding her.

Japan Crisis Arc

When Jin-Woo arrived in Japan to shut down the S-Rank dungeon break that had sprouted in Shinjuku, he had Beru go off on his own and kill all the giants he came across, which the ant was able to do with ease due to his strength. When Jin-Woo finally arrived in Tokyo after a week of fighting, Beru arrived in the city along with the rest of the shadow army and helped his master finish off the supergiant that was guarding by the gate by entering its body through its eye and ripping it to shreds from the inside.

International Guild Conference Arc

When Jin-Woo headed to America to attend the annual International Guild Conference, Beru was ordered to stay behind to look after Jin-Ah. While watching the news at one point with Jin-Ah and her mother, Beru suddenly perked and realized that his master was furious.

Following his victory against Thomas Andre, Jin-Woo swapped places with Beru using Shadow Exchange and had him heal Jin-Ho, who had been tortured by Hwang Dong-Su the night before, to the best of his ability.

Monarchs War Arc

After his brief skirmish with the Frost Monarch, Jinwoo discovered Go Gun-Hee bleeding out in his office and in a desperate attempt to save him, summoned Beru to heal him. However, due to the severity and nature of Gun-Hee's injuries, Beru couldn't heal him and was unable to do anything to help as Gun-Hee thanked Jinwoo for coming to his aid before succumbing to his wounds and dying.

Following the end of the International Guild Conference, Jinwoo began ranking A-Rank dungeons solo again, eventually causing Beru to rank up to Marshal Grade. When the biggest gate ever seen by that point suddenly spawned in the skies in Seoul, Jin-Woo decided to spar with Beru to see if the ant was strong enough to hold his own against the Frost Monarch. Unfortunately, despite Beru's best efforts, he failed to meet Jin-Woo's exceptions, with Jin-Woo easily overpowering him and defeating him in a single powerful punch.


As a Marshal Grade Shadow and the shadow of the Ant King, Beru is an immensely powerful individual. At the current point in the webtoon, he is also easily the strongest shadow in Jin-Woo's army.

  • Immense Physical Prowess: Beru is incredibly strong, to the point that he was able to effortlessly crush Cha's sword in his bare hand and quickly recover from Jinwoo's attacks in their sparring match, even when his master brutally smashed him into a wall.
  • Conversation: As a Marshal Grade Shadow, Beru is able to converse with his master.
  • Regeneration: As a shadow, Beru is able to regenerate his body as long as Jinwoo still has mana to spare.
  • Gluttony: Beru is able to absorb the skills and knowledge of those he consumes.
  • Flight: As he has wings, Beru is able to fly at high speeds.
  • Size Manipulation: Beru is able to increase his raw strength at the cost of his agility and speed by growing in size, and vice versa by compressing his body.
  • Paralysis Poison: Due to having consumed a cone snail when he was alive, Beru can spit an extremely concentrated poison from his mouth using his bladed tentacle-esque tongue. Due its magical nature, this poison is exponentially more toxic than its original version and kills a target in seconds.
  • Healing Magic: Due to having devoured Min Byung-Gyu's head when he was alive, Beru is a master at healing magic.
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