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Blood-Red Commander Igris[1] (기사단장 핏빛의 이그리트, Gisadanjang Pisbich-ui Igeuliteu) was a powerful Magic Beast who was initially protecting an Empty Throne in an Instant Dungeon where Jin-Woo was doing his Job Change Quest.


BRCI (Blood-Red Commander Igris) was a servant of Ashborn, when Ashborn was still testing and modifying Jin-Woo's body to hold his power. To do this, Ashborn took most of BRCI's power away and put him in a Dungeon to test Jin-Woo. BRCI thought this as the last order Ashborn might give him, as Ashborn had already forgiven the Rulers and had no interest in warfare. Yet he BRCI still took this as an absolute order, and did as told.

After noticing Jin-Woo approaching, he goes to sit down on the throne generated by the Dungeon, but thought that it would be too insolent to sit down on a throne in front of his master (Ashborn) who has taken root in Jin-Woo. This leads to him hiding behind a pillar, like in the beginning of the series, in a clunky and awkward manner.

At this part, Jin-Woo's weapon could not pierce thick armour and resorts to using his bare hands, which BRCI takes as praiseworthy bravery. To make the fight between them more fair, BRCI also goes to fight with his bare hands.

A bit later, even though BRCI had most of his power sealed away, he did not even have to use his full power of his sealed power before beating Jin-Woo, disappointing BRCI yet relieving him at the same time, thinking that because the human wasn't qualified, his liege would stay a little bit longer.

BRCI decides to painlessly kill Jin-Woo, briefly using Ruler's Authority granted by Ashborn to bring his sword to his hand. When he swung and was blocked by Jin-Woo's hand and stabbed, he was stunned. Not because of getting attacked or being blocked, but because of Jin-Woo's extreme tenacity to not give up until the end. After seeing Jin-Woo's eyes that were extremely similar to Ashborn's, cold and gleaming, BRCI completely loses his will to fight and does nothing to stop the incoming attacks.

Thinking about the battle as his vision blurred, he watched as Jin-Woo raised his hands in celebration, chuckling. He was saddened, thinking that the endless darkness of the ceiling seemed to signify his growing distance away from his liege. He didn't know whether to feel happy that Ashborn's choice was correct or sad that he couldn't change Ashborn's decision. Just as his consciousness was fading, he was called by Jin-Woo to 'rise up'.

He was beaten by Jin-Woo who stated that BRCI (Even though sealed) could stand toe-to-toe with an A-Rank Hunter. Jin-Woo also stated that he himself was not better than BRCI by any category and that he won by pure luck.

It should be noted that BRCI was actually a human, most probably once a Hunter, and NOT a Magic Beast. Also, even though it has been stated multiple times that BRCI's liege and master is Ashborn, BRCI was NOT a Shadow, not until Jin-Woo turned him into one.

See Igris for the Shadow form and more detail.


  • His ability "Dominator's Touch" was later revealed to be one of the distinguished qualities of Rulers, which was handed down to him by Ashborn. High ranked hunters all over the world believed Jin-Woo to be a reincarnated Ruler after he showed this to the public.


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  1. Subject to different translations: Blood-Red Commander Ygritte
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