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Blood-Red Commander Igris[1] (기사단장 핏빛의 이그리트) was the boss of the Job Change Quest Dungeon.


As one would expect given his name, Igris was a large knight covered from head to toe in blood-red armor with a Y-shaped hole built into his helmet. He also wore a tattered red cape, wielded a massive red sword that was equal to him in height, and had a long red hair-like ornament extending out of the back of his helmet.


Igris' most defining trait was his loyalty, as displayed by how he refused to become one of Jinwoo's shadow soldiers until the latter offered him a reason to be loyal to him. He was also fair and chivalrous, as he tossed his sword aside once Jinwoo decided to fight him bare-handed.


When Jinwoo finally made it to the boss room of the Job Change Quest Dungeon, Igris faced off against him and wasted no time in getting the battle started, easily pushing his opponent to his limit with his attacks. After throwing Jinwoo around a rag doll and then brutally flinging him into the throne standing behind them, Igris prepared to painlessly kill Jinwoo with his sword, but was caught by surprise when Jinwoo blocked his weapon with his bare hands and then drove his dagger into his left eye, knocking the knight off-balance.

Although Igris was able to momentarily regain his footing and wrench the dagger out of his eye, Jinwoo simply returned it to his hand using his weapon summoning ability and stabbed him repeatedly in the face. Unable to properly defend himself at this point, Igris silently gave in as Jinwoo jammed his dagger into his chin, causing his eyes to fade out and killing him.


Igris was the most dangerous opponent that Jinwoo ever faced as an A-Rank, with the latter believing that he only won by luck. Jinwoo also stated later on that Igris was likely strong enough to give the best A-Rank Hunters a run for their money.

  • Master Swordsman: Igris was proficient at swordsmanship, to the point that Jinwoo was unable to match him in skill and decided to fight with his bare hands instead.
  • Enhanced Strength: Igris possessed great strength. He was able to cut through stone pillars as if they were made of butter and easily overpower Jinwoo with brute force, brutally flinging him into walls and punching large holes into the ground with seemingly little effort.
  • Enhanced Speed: Igris possessed great speed and was able to catch Jinwoo off-guard with his movements.
  • Enhanced Durability: Igris possessed a great deal of durability. He was virtually unharmed when Jinwoo attempted to cut him with his dagger and only suffered a direct hit when Jinwoo went for his eye. And even then, Igris was able to withstand being stabbed multiple times in the face before finally going down.
  • Telekinesis: Igris was able to control objects from a distance to a limited extent, as demonstrated when he summoned his sword back to his hand.



  1. Subject to different translations: Blood-Red Commander Ygritte