Bravery Guild is a South Korean guild briefly introduced as a lower ranked guild.


Jin-Woo forced his way inside C rank dungeon which turns out to be a "Cartenon Temple"(a Dual Dungeon). After meeting the members of the Bravery Guild, they each wondered why he was in the dungeon. Jin-Woo starts to warn the hunters but the guild master wouldn't retreat, citing the fact that they bought the dungeon legally. Jin-Woo let's them do whatever they want and enters the door to which the dungeon warns that only those with the key are allowed in the temple.

The guild master of Bravery Guild almost died when one of the Statue of God strikes its weapon if not for Jin-Woo pulling his scruff and sends him out. Warning them for the second time, everyone in the guild left without hesitation after seeing the dreadful magic beast.

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