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The Busan Gate was a top-tier A-Rank Gate that spawned in Busan, Korea.


The gate spawned in Busan several weeks after the events of the Jeju Island Raid. Although the Knights Guild was responsible for clearing all the gates that spawned in Busan, they were initially hesitant to take it due to how high-level it was. The Korean Hunters Association was also reluctant to give them the gate's entry permit out of the fear that the entire guild could wind up dying in the ensuing raid. With little options, Park Jongsoo, the Guild Master of the Knights Guild, was convinced by Jung Yerim, his guild's main healer, to reach out to Sung Jinwoo in the hopes that he would help them. Much to their delight, Jinwoo unhesistantly agreed to participate in their raid on the condition that they split the profit with him 50-50.

Only a few minutes after they had entered the dungeon, however, Jinwoo sensed that his sister Jinah was in danger. Knowing that he couldn't leave the Knights Guild without some help, Jinwoo summoned Beru, his strongest shadow soldier, in his place before taking off towards his sister's school. With Jongsoo too frightened by Beru's presence to continue leading the raid, Beru took charge from there and easily slaughtered all the monsters inside the dungeon, including its boss, which he killed in one hit.