The Cartenon Temple was a mysterious 'Hidden Dungeon' that appeared within two separate dungeons, the first being the D-Rank Dungeon raided by Jin-Woo's party members and the second being in the C-Rank Dungeon discovered by the Bravery Guild.

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The temple's boss was the Angel, referred to as the 'Architect' rather than the Statue of God which was a mere puppet of the Angel alongside the smaller statues within the dungeon.


D-Rank Dungeon Arc

Sung Jin-Woo and members of his raid party including Song Chi-Yul and Lee Ju-Hee entered the dungeon believing it to be a D-Rank dungeon and well within their capabilities. After clearing the main dungeon, which was indeed was of such caliber, the group discovered another entrance within the dungeon. The group entered the pathway leading to the dungeon after voting on whether to enter or not. Standing in front of the large door, Song Chi-Yul pushed open the large doors to be presented with a seemingly abandoned temple with towering stone statues and a large statue sitting on a throne. The room was lit with light blue flames that were littered across the room.

There existed 3 commandments within the dungeon, stating:

After a D-Rank member of the party was killed by the statues in an attempt to leave the dungeon, the group began to panic with the statues' ability to move and kill hunters with ease.

Many hunters were slain by the statues before the first and second commandments were fulfilled allowing the remaining survivors except Jin-Woo to escape the temple. Jin-Woo, who was left alone was impaled by one of the dungeons statues and was on the verge of death. As Jin-Woo writhed in pain, he wished for another chance at life, only to witness a 'Status window' present itself before him, stating that he had completed the requirements for the hidden quest, Courage of the Weak. Jin-Woo, being given the option to accept or reject his status as a player, chose to accept this, and hence survived the Double Dungeon.

Double Dungeon Arc

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