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How I could ever tell him...I want you by my side until I draw my last breath?

—Cha's personal thoughts during her conversation with Jinwoo , Chapter 112 (Webtoon)

Cha Hae-In (차해인) is a Korean S-Rank Hunter and the Vice-Guild Master of the Hunters Guild.


Cha is a pretty young woman with gray eyes and short blonde hair in a bob cut. She typically wears red-themed armor on raids and carries a black sword with a silver hilt. When using her abilities, her eyes glow yellow.


Cha is a meticulous woman who cares about the lives of those around her, as seen by how she developed a habit of patrolling the boss' lair during her guild's raids in order to ensure the safety of the mining and hauling teams. She is also very diligent when training, as she continued to hone her sword technique even after becoming a S-Rank Hunter, and was perceptive enough to realize after her first meeting with Jinwoo that something wasn't quite right with him.

Outside of her job, however, Cha does not seem to have any friends and comes off as socially awkward. She is also easily embarrassed and almost instantly lost her composure after Jinwoo teased her over her pickaxe incident.


Cha became a S-Rank about two years before the events of the main storyline and joined the Hunters Guild as its Vice-Guild Master. At some point after becoming a hunter, she developed an incurable mana-induced nasal disorder that caused other hunters and monsters to smell foul to her.

Hunters Guild Gate Arc

Cha first appeared during one of her guild's raids that Jinwoo was taking part in as a miner. Upon exiting the gate, she immediately sensed his presence but did not recognize his signature, mistaking it to be Go Gun-Hee's instead. When the presence ultimately disappeared, Cha decided to think nothing of it and covered her nose with a handkerchief as she walked away from the gate.

While patrolling the boss' lair, Cha ran into Jinwoo and ordered him to head on back after he told her that he had got lost in the dungeon. As he passed her, Cha was startled by the fact that he didn't have a stench. Mystified, she sniffed him again and checked his license to make sure he was actually a hunter (which he was). Unable to figure out why he didn't reek like every other hunter she'd ever come across, Cha decided to let him go.

However, as she continued to think about it, Cha eventually correctly deduced that Jinwoo had been lying to her and called one of her guild's employees to find more information on him from the Korean Hunters Association, only to discover that her guild master Choi Jong-In had made the same request the day before and that the Association had classified Jinwoo's file. Now knowing for a fact that something was fishy about Jinwoo, Cha resolved to meet him again the next day.

The next day, Cha arrived at the gate to find out that Jinwoo had went inside with the strike force as their porter and thus went in after him. After coming across a bunch of dead high orcs, Cha realized that the strike force was in the trouble and rushed to the boss room to help them. However, when she arrived, she discovered that Jinwoo had done her job for her and watched in shock as he easily killed Kargalgan and then revived him as a shadow soldier. By that point, Woo Jinchul had arrived inside the gate too and escorted Jinwoo out after he had cleared the dungeon, preventing Cha from getting her chance to speak with him.

Return to Demon Castle Arc

When Jinwoo was officially announced as Korea's 10th S-Rank Hunter, Cha was seen training at Song Chi-Yul's dojo.

Jeju Island Arc

Four days before the 4th Jeju Island Raid was slated to launch, Cha and the rest of the Korean raid team met up with the Japanese raid team in the Korean Hunters Gym. She participated alongside Baek, Lim Tae-Gyu, and Ma Dong-Wook in a 4v4 sparring match between the two teams and faced off against Kanae Tawata, easily defeating her in a contest of speed. She then headed off to help Baek, but was ambushed from behind by Atsushi Kumamoto, prompting her to unintentionally act on instinct and throw a barrage of punches in his face. Unfortunately, Kumamoto didn't take this well and attacked her with full force in retaliation. Before his attack could land, however, Jinwoo jumped in and grabbed his leg, saving Cha from a potential injury.

During Jinwoo's sparring match with Goto Ryuji, Cha watched somewhat anxiously as Jinwoo easily dodged Goto's attacks again and again. When the match got too heated, Cha and Baek jumped in and grabbed Jinwoo's arms before he could throw a punch.

When the 4th Jeju Island Raid finally launched four days later, Cha and the rest of the Korean raid team were tasked with killing the Ant Queen while the Japanese raid team used themselves as bait to draw out the ants. For the first phase of the raid, due to their combined strength, the Koreans did not run into anything difficult, with Cha easily taking out the Ant Queen's royal guards by herself. When the rest of the team managed to push the Ant Queen to the brink of death, Cha delivered the final blow and sliced the Queen's head off with her sword.

Unfortunately, the death of the Ant Queen attracted the attention of the Ant King and he returned to the nest before they could leave, with Cha gagging at his stench. Furious at the death of his mother, the Ant King brutally attacked the team and started off by flinging Cha into a nearby cave wall with a single punch, mortally wounding her and knocking her out cold.

When Jinwoo arrived to save the team, he attempted to heal Cha with his healing potions but failed due to how severe her injuries were. Before he could find a solution, however, the Ant King returned to the nest, forcing Jinwoo to leave Cha for the time being. Although Jinwoo was able to kill the Ant King with relative ease, by the time the fight was over, Cha was on the brink of death. With no options left, Jinwoo revived Min Byung-Gyu as a shadow and had him heal Cha, saving her life.

Following the raid and the team's return to Mainland Korea, Cha woke up just a few minutes after their chopper landed on top of the Korean Hunters Association's HQ. She then learned from Gunhee, much to her relief, that Jinwoo had saved her life.

Recruitment Arc

Several days after the raid's end, Cha attended Byung-Gyu's funeral alongside Baek and Jinwoo.

Ah-jin Guild Arc

Shortly after Jinwoo cleared a Red Gate that had spawned in the middle of a highway, Cha arrived at his guild's office and asked to join. Due to her position and her dealings with the Hunters Guild, Jinwoo was confused as to why she wanted to join, unaware of her feelings towards him, and reminded her that he couldn't afford to pay her advance. As she wasn't there for the money, Cha told him it didn't matter and said that she just wanted to live more comfortably.

Although sympathetic to Cha's plight, Jinwoo refused to accept her so easily and decided to test her on the spot by proposing a fight with one of his shadow soldiers in the Korean Hunters Gym. Agreeing to the test, Cha prepared to drive there but Jinwoo told her there was a faster way there, gently embraced her, and teleported to the gym using Shadow Exchange.

When they arrived, Cha realized that she had left her sword in her car and almost instantly lost her composure when Jinwoo mentioned her pickaxe. When Jinwoo laughed and admitted that he was just messing with her, Cha cooled down and grabbed a weapon from the gym's storage room for the test. With everything ready to go, Jinwoo summoned Igris, equipped him with the Demon King's Longsword, and let them fight.

Despite the the boost that came with the Demon King's Longsword, Cha still easily defeated Igris, slamming him up against the gym's wall with enough force to create a large hole. Unsatisfied, Cha demanded that Jinwoo bring out his strongest shadow and said that she had been wanting a rematch with the Ant King anyway. As he couldn't exactly refuse her, Jinwoo reluctantly summoned Beru and ordered him to make her submit without injuring her.

Cha prepared to fight, but before she could even make a move, Beru moved right behind her and easily swatted her sword aside when she attempted to stab him. She continued to make attempts to stab him to no avail, as Beru easily dodged her strikes, and refused to back down after Beru sent her flying backwards with just a screech. When Beru got irritated by her refusal to submit, Cha used her Sword Dance skill and swung at him, only for Beru to crush her sword in his bare hand. Still not done yet, Cha activated her Sword of Light skill and successfully stabbed Beru right in the chest.

Unfortunately, this activated Beru's shadow "programming" and led him to see Cha as a threat to his master, causing him to lose control and attack her with the intent to kill. Fortunately, Jinwoo stepped in and grabbed Beru's hand before his attack could land, saving Cha. Realizing just how determined Cha was on joining his guild, Jinwoo asked her why she was pushing herself so hard seemingly without good cause. To that, Cha awkwardly confessed that she was "interested" in him.

After Jinwoo declined her request to join his guild, Cha headed home and groaned at herself for her awkward confession. At that moment, however, she had a strange vision of Byung-Gyu telling her to warn Jinwoo to be "careful of his own powers." When Yoo Soohyun posted a selfie of herself with Jinwoo on Instagram several days later and announced herself to be the Ahjin Guild's third member, Cha quickly grew jealous, not knowing that Jinwoo had been looking for a hunter who had no interest in participating in his raids.

The very next day, Cha headed back to Jinwoo's office, as she had left her car in the local parking lot. Upon running into Jinwoo outside, who had just gotten back from his guild's first raid, Cha told him about the mysterious vision she had had of Byung-Gyu the day before.

Double Dungeon Arc

After Jinwoo entered the Cartenon Temple alone, Cha was notified by Woo Jinchul due to having been nearby at the time and accompanied him alongside several of her guild members, including Choi Jong-In, inside the dungeon. Upon arriving inside the Double Dungeon, the party was suddenly ambushed by the Architect and his statues. Severely outmatched and outnumbered, Cha realized that there only hope was to snap Jinwoo out of his trance and attempted to do so, only for the Architect to thwart her attempts and stab her in the shoulder. Fortunately, Jinwoo snapped out of his trance by himself moments later and saved her and the rest of the party by smashing the Architect into the ground.

After the Architect's death, Cha headed back to the human world through the gate with Choi using her back for support due to his own injuries. She then went up to Jinwoo and asked if he was ok, to which he responded that he was fine before collapsing from exhaustion.


Unlike most of the S-Rank Hunters in Korea, Cha is strong for her rank, to the point that Goto considered her to be competent enough to give his guild's best hunters a run for their money. She is also the third strongest hunter in Korea after Gunhee and Jinwoo, and was able to not only easily defeat Kanae in their sparring match, but also instinctively pummel Kumamoto in the face before he could even react.

  • Mana Smell: Cha is sensitive to the smell of mana, causing hunters and monsters to smell foul to her. Jinwoo is the only known hunter who does not smell foul to her, due to his status as the Player of the System.
  • Sword Dance: Cha significantly increases her attack speed, making her look like as if she's dancing.
  • Sword of Light: Cha transforms her sword into pure light, significantly increasing her cutting power.
  • Quake of Provocation: Cha stabs her sword into the ground, creating a small earthquake that damages any enemies caught in its radius.


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