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Cho Kyuhwan (조규환) was a lizard and a member of Hwang Dongsuk's raid party. When he attempted to murder Jinwoo on Hwang's orders, Jinwoo sliced him to pieces, cutting off his hand and killing him instantly.


Kyuhwan was a thin young man with pale skin, androgynous facial features, and shoulder-length black hair. He wore a green cloak over a brown shirt and black pants.


Like the rest of his raid party, Kyuhwan was very greedy and had no problem killing innocent weaker hunters for some fast cash.


Kyuhwan was a decent fire user and was able to take out half of Jinwoo's health at the time with a single fireball. He also had a degree of control over his fire magic, as he was able to generate small balls of light from his hand to light up the dungeon during raids.