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The last time I played with ants was when I was a little boy. I remember hearing faint snapping noises every time I torched an ant with a lighter...Now. I hear fireworks.

—Choi Jong-In to himself, Chapter 95 (Webtoon)

Choi Jong-In (최종인) is a Korean S-Rank Hunter who specializes in fire magic and the Guild Master of the Hunters Guild.


Choi is a lanky young man with red hair in a curtain hairstyle that is parted over the left side of his right eye. He also has a very amicable smile and tends to wear striped business suits. When using his powers, his eyes glow bright magenta. On raids, he wore a suit of goldish-brown and white suit with a flowing red cape and a set of eight rings.


Choi is a sly and friendly individual who does not easily falter under pressure and is quick to catch on to things. He is also a chain smoker and can almost always be found outside smoking a cigarette.


Choi is the strongest mage-type hunter in Korea and implied to be around Baek's level of strength. However, he is still significantly weaker than his lieutenant Cha Hae-In.

  • Fire Magic: Choi is the best fire user in Korea and is rumored to be able to destroy a tall building with a single spell. His flames are also powerful enough to wipe out entire hordes of ants and incinerate a group of earth giants in seconds.
  • Enhanced Speed: Choi possesses great speed, as displayed by how he was able to narrowly dodge the Statue of God's heat vision.
  • Flame Spear: Choi creates several spears of fire and launches them as his enemies.
  • Flame Prison: Choi is able to create a large net of flames for both offensive and defensive purposes. According to himself, it is strong enough to restrain B-Rank magic beasts.
  • Flame Dragon: Choi is able to mold a swirling mass of fire into a small dragon, which he can then use to burn any enemy nearby to cinders.[1]



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