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The last time I played with ants was when I was a little boy. I remember hearing faint snapping noises every time I torched an ant with a lighter...Now. I hear fireworks.

—Choi Jong-In to himself, Chapter 95 (Webtoon)

Choi Jong-In (최종인) is a Korean S-Rank Hunter who specializes in fire magic and the Guild Master of the Hunters Guild.


Choi is a lanky young man with red hair in a curtain hairstyle that is parted over the left side of his right eye. He also has a very amicable smile and tends to wear striped business suits. When using his powers, his eyes glow bright magenta. During Raids, he wore a suit of goldish-brown and white suit with a flowing red cape and a set of eight rings.


Choi is a sly and friendly individual who does not easily falter under pressure and is quick to catch on to things. He is also a chain smoker and can almost always be found outside smoking a cigarette.


Retesting Rank Arc

While having a smoke outside and chatting with Woo Jin-Chul over the recent Red Gate Incident, Choi sensed that something was going on inside the Association's HQ. He went inside to check it out and discovered that a hunter named Sung Jinwoo had been re-evaluated as a S-Rank Hunter. Delighted at the chance to make his guild the strongest in the country, Choi attempted to recruit Jinwoo, but was turned down.

Hunters Guild Gate Arc

The very next day, Choi led his guild's main strike force as they raided a A-Rank dungeon, unaware that Jinwoo had joined the mining team. After Jinwoo saved his guild's second strike force from certain death the day after, Choi heard the news and was stunned by just how strong he was.

Return to Demon Castle Arc

Wanting to recruit Jinwoo more than ever at this point, Choi drove to the Association's HQ on the day of his official re-evaluation and bickered with Baek, who also wanted to recruit Jinwoo for his guild. When Jinwoo finally arrived, Choi watched in astonishment as he revealed the full extent of his summoning abilities.

Jeju Island Arc

Coming soon!


Choi is the strongest mage-type hunter in Korea and implied to be around Baek's level of strength. However, he is still significantly weaker than his lieutenant Cha Hae-In.

  • Fire Magic: Choi is the best fire user in Korea and is rumored to be able to destroy a tall building with a single spell. His flames are also powerful enough to wipe out entire hordes of ants and incinerate a group of earth giants in seconds.
  • Enhanced Speed: Choi possesses great speed, as displayed by how he was able to narrowly dodge the Statue of God's heat vision.
  • Flame Spear: Choi creates several spears of fire and launches them as his enemies.
  • Flame Prison: Choi is able to create a large net of flames for both offensive and defensive purposes. According to himself, it is strong enough to restrain B-Rank magic beasts.
  • Flame Dragon: Choi is able to mold a swirling mass of fire into a small dragon, which he can then use to burn any enemy nearby to cinders.[1]



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