You have completed all the necessary requirements of the secret quest Courage of the Weak.

Courage of the Weak was a secret quest that Sung Jin-Woo fulfilled in the Double Dungeon.


Jin-Woo struggles to keep his mind after a few of the remaining survivors of his raid party members left him one by one. As he can't move after having one of his leg cutoff, he was sure his life would end at the moment he saw the statues was about to strike him with their weapons. However, while he was contemplating for his life, in the nick of the time, he heard a female's voice he hadn't heard before. The voice offered him to be a Player to which he accepted. The next time he wakes up, Jin-Woo would realize he gained a new ability that allows him to level up.

The Blessing give you 2 passive Skills.

Then, a female voice he had never heard before in his life rang throughout his head.

[You have fulfilled all conditions of the 'Secret Quest: The Weak One's Courage'.]

Secret quest? Fulfilled all conditions?
He had no idea what it was saying.
'No, before that, where is that voice coming from?'
Ignoring his thoughts, the voice continued.

[You've obtained the right to become a Player. Do you accept?]

Obtained the right? Accept?
'It sounds like it's giving me something…'
Growing up in poverty, he knew there was no such thing as free in life.
'But I supposed that was in life. What does any of it matter in death?'
As he waited in hesitation, the voice in his head asked again.

[You do not have much allowed time remaining. In the case the right is refused, your heart will stop in 0.02 seconds. Do you accept?]

Whether or not this was a hallucination, one thing was certain: his impending death.
On top of the sword slowly coming down on his head, the other statues' weapons were also finding their way towards him.
At this point, Jin-Woo gave himself up to resignation.
'...Sure, why not?'

He did not speak the words out loud. Merely thought them in his head.
But the voice answered his thoughts.

[Welcome to becoming a Player.]

A blinding light surrounded his body, and Jinwoo lost consciousness.

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