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Courage of the Weak was a secret quest that Jinwoo unintentionally completed in his first trip to the Double Dungeon.


During his first trip to the Double Dungeon, Jinwoo winded up losing his right leg when he was too slow to avoid a statue that tried to kill him. When he eventually realized that one person had to stay behind for the rest of the party to escape safely, Jinwoo volunteered to be the sacrifice and prepared for death.

As the statues skewered him with their weapons and threw him around like a rag doll, a strange message suddenly popped up in front of Jinwoo's face, telling him that he completed the requirements for a secret quest called "Courage Of The Weak" and asked him whether he wanted to accept or reject his status as a Player. With no time or options left, Jinwoo accepted, making him the Player of the System and allowing him to survive the Double Dungeon.