D-Rank Dungeon Arc

Title D-Rank Dungeon Arc
Novel Chapters Chapter 1-7
Webtoon Chapters Chapter 1-11
Chronological Order
Reawakening Arc

D-Rank Dungeon Arc is the 2nd Arc of the series.

Webtoon Summary

Sung Jin-Woo with his group (including - Mr. Kim Sang-Shik, Park Gi-Sool, Lee Ju-Hee, Mr. Song Chi-Yul) are prepared to enter a D-rank dungeon. He was only invited to weaken the dungeon. Mr. Song became the party leader as the strongest of the group and everyone entered the dungeon. As they entered the dungeon, Jin-Woo quickly got injured so Ms. Ju-Hee had to heal him. Even after all his injuries, he only earned a single E-rank magical core. After they defeated every remaining monster, someone found another entrance (the double lair). Mr. Song as the leader decided to organize a vote to fight the boss of the dungeon or leave it altogether. The vote was decided with a ratio of 8:8 (out of 17 participants), and Jin-Woo had the last decisive vote. Because he was short on money, he ultimately voted to fight... They walked around for 40 minutes and found the boss room (huge double door). Mr. Song opened the doors as they entered the boss room.

The boss room was huge, colored in blue and filled with massive concrete statues. Every statue held something different. They found a statue holding a board with runic texts: Cartenon Temple's commandments.

  • First, worship the Lord.
  • Second, praise the Lord.
  • Third, prove your faith.

The Cartenon Temple as seen in chapter 3

Those who do not follow these commandments will never return alive - and the door closed. One man decided to leave but as he put his hand on the handle, he was killed by the statue, causing panic among all of those in the room. The main statue fired a beam from its eyes and killed more hunters, which caused Mr. Song to lose his arm. Soon after, another one tried to leave, but he was destroyed to dust.

After everything, Sung Jin-Woo figured out that they killed the ones fleeing because of the Commandments of Carthenon (rules on board). First, worship the Lord - he doesn't attack those who move, but he starts to attack if you move past a certain height, so they had to bow down to the statue. His expression changed to that of a terrifying face. The second rule - praise the lord. One tried to praise a god but was only killed by the statue as he was praising to the wrong god. More hunters died until Sung Jin-Woo figured out that they needed to run towards the statues that were holding instruments. When they got near them, they started playing.

As Jin-Woo was near the instrument, he got attacked and almost died while also losing his right leg. Out of 17 people, only 6 were still alive. Soon after, they ran towards the altar. Mr. Song wanted to sacrifice himself, but when he entered the altar only flames appeared, for every person on the altar, a flame appears (trial only starts when everybody is on the altar). When everybody stood on the altar, the door opened, and the statues started to move towards them. They only moved when one of them had their eyes off of them. One girl started to run towards the door and was successful in her escape and one flame disappeared.

After that, everybody except Sung Jin-Woo left the room. Sung Jin-Woo died, only to awaken moments later with a Window appearing above his head :

Then, a female voice he had never heard before in his life rang throughout his head.

[You have fulfilled all conditions of the 'Secret Quest: The Weak One's Courage'.]

Secret quest? Fulfilled all conditions?
He had no idea what it was saying.
'No, before that, where is that voice coming from?'
Ignoring his thoughts, the voice continued.

[You've obtained the right to become a Player. Do you accept?]

Obtained the right? Accept?
'It sounds like it's giving me something…'
Growing up in poverty, he knew there was no such thing as free in life.
'But I supposed that was in life. What does any of it matter in death?'
As he waited in hesitation, the voice in his head asked again.

[You do not have much allowed time remaining. In the case the right is refused, your heart will stop in 0.02 seconds. Do you accept?]

Whether or not this was a hallucination, one thing was certain: his impending death.
On top of the sword slowly coming down on his head, the other statues' weapons were also finding their way towards him.
At this point, Jin-Woo gave himself up to resignation.
'...Sure, why not?'

He did not speak the words out loud. Merely thought them in his head.
But the voice answered his thoughts.

[Welcome to becoming a Player.]

A blinding light surrounded his body, and Jinwoo lost consciousness.

Novel Summary

Its the same as in Webtoon with some very minor difference. See Webtoon and Novel Differences below.

Characters Appearance in Order

Magic Beasts Appeared

Webtoon and Novel Differences

  • Park Gi-Sool is called that in the Novel, but in the Webtoon he's called Bak.
  • Joo's Name isn't mentioned in the Webtoon.

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