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A special dungeon that can be access using Demon Castle's Key Jin-Woo obtained from the Hidden Quest when he completed his Daily Quest twice as much the quest requires and picked the Blessed Random Box. The key can be used in Demon Castle.

The Demon Castle's floors are made-up of different cities of South Korea.

Entrance of Demon Castle

The entrance was guarded by Hell's Gatekeeper Cerberus, that Jin-Woo killed and obtained Castle Door Key, the key to open the Demon Castle's Door, but he decided to return since he almost died against Cerberus.

Lower Floors

The Lower Floors are filled with regular demons, with C-Rank. Jin-Woo and his Shadows were able to kill these demons with ease. Vulcan rules these floors, sitting in Floor 50.

Middle Floors

The Middle Floors is where Metus, the Guide of Souls resides.

Higher Floors

From the 80th floor above, Demon Clans which protects the Entry Permit begun appearing. It is also noted that in terms of consciousness, the members of the Demon Clans are no different to humans as they also had their own unique personalities, emotions, thinks by themselves, and cares for their family.

As per Esil Radiru description, the Demons is originated from the Demon World. In that world, they were preparing to fight against a very powerful foe when they woke up inside the instant dungeon, telling them to protect the place.

List of Clans:

  • Radiru Clan (80th Floor), Status: Survived
  • Garuche Clan (81st Floor), Status: Destroyed
  • Faetos Clan (94th Floor), Status: Destroyed
  • Ricardo Clan (95th Floor), Status: Destroyed


Collect Demon's Souls! (Part 1)

Collect Demon's Souls! (Part 2)


An entry permits is required to be brought to the area's magic circle to leave the floor. The Entry Permit can be obtained from killing demons and in the 80th floor and above the permits are held by different clans.


Hell's Gatekeeper, Cerberus

The Ruler of Lower Floors, Vulcan

Guide of Souls, Metus

King of Demons, Baran


Low-Grade Demons

Intermediate-Grade Demons

Higher-Grade Demons

Superior-Grade Demons

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