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Draw Sword Guild is Japan's largest Guild and has 11 S-Rank Hunters. It is the second-largest Guild in Asia after the Chinese Guild.


The Draw Sword Guild comprises of 11 Elite S-Rank hunters including the Guild Master Goto Ryuji who was referred to as the strongest hunter in Japan.

The guild's elite members are of various classes. Akari Shimizu is the guild's sole S-Rank Healer and the remainder are damage type classes. The guild is so large that they take tasks from other countries.

The guild's strength was vital to the survival of Japan despite having 10 other S-Rank hunters in the country who were in other guilds. Once Japan lost a huge force of their S-Rank hunters on Jeju Island including Goto Ryuji, they were completely defenseless against an S-Rank gate that opened in the center of Tokyo. The gate caused the deaths of 1 million Japanese and the destruction of a portion of Japan's land.

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Notable Members

Draw Sword Guild
Guild Master Goto Ryuji S-Rank Fighter Deceased
Guild Vice-Master Reiji Sugimoto S-Rank ? Alive
Guild Hunter Akari Shimizu‎‎ S-Rank Healer Deceased
Guild Hunter Atsushi Kumamoto‎‎ S-Rank Fighter Alive
Guild Hunter Ippei Izawa S-Rank Assassin Deceased
Guild Hunter Kanae Tawata S-Rank Fighter Alive
Guild Hunter Kei S-Rank Mage Deceased
Guild Hunter Kenzo Tanaka‎‎‎‎ S-Rank Fighter Deceased
Guild Hunter Mari Ishida‎‎ S-Rank ? Deceased
Guild Hunter Minoru Hoshino‎‎ S-Rank Fighter Alive
Guild Hunter Tatsumi Fujishima‎‎ S-Rank Fighter Deceased
Translator Hanekawa A-Rank Fighter Alive
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