Draw Sword Guild (also translated as the Blade Guild) was the largest guild in Japan and the second largest guild in Asia.


The Draw Sword Guild originally had eleven S-Rank Hunters, including its Guild Master Goto Ryuji. Out of these eleven, only one specialized in healing; the rest specialized in damage-type classes. The guild was also so large that it could take tasks from other countries.

Despite the fact that Japan had ten other S-Rank Hunters active in the country, the guild's strength was vital to the nation. After seven of the guild's S-Rank Hunters, including Goto, were killed by the Ant King in the 4th Jeju Island Raid, Japan was left completely defenseless when a S-Rank Gate spawned in Shinjuku, Tokyo about a month later. Goto's death almost meant that Matsumoto Shigeo, the Chairman of the Japanese Hunters Association, no longer had the power to rally his country's S-Ranks to battle whenever he needed to.

As a result, when the dungeon break finally occurred, the raid went horribly wrong almost immediately, causing the deaths of millions of people (including three S-Ranks), and would have resulted in an international crisis had it not been for Sung Jinwoo, who arrived in Japan several days after the dungeon break occurred and easily cleared the gate all on his own within a week. Although three of the guild's S-Ranks attempted to pitch in with the raid, none of them were strong enough to hold up against the giants and as a result, they played a very minor role in the raid overall.

Guild Profile

Notable Members

Draw Sword Guild
Guild Master Goto Ryuji S-Rank Fighter Deceased
Vice-Guild Master Reiji Sugimoto S-Rank ? Alive
Guild Hunter Akari Shimizu‎‎ S-Rank Healer Deceased
Guild Hunter Atsushi Kumamoto‎‎ S-Rank Fighter Alive
Guild Hunter Ippei Izawa S-Rank Assassin Deceased
Guild Hunter Kanae Tawata S-Rank Fighter Alive
Guild Hunter Kei S-Rank Mage Deceased
Guild Hunter Kenzo Tanaka‎‎‎‎ S-Rank Fighter Deceased
Guild Hunter Mari Ishida‎‎ S-Rank ? Deceased
Guild Hunter Minoru Hoshino‎‎ S-Rank Fighter Alive
Guild Hunter Tatsumi Fujishima‎‎ S-Rank Fighter Deceased
Translator Hanekawa A-Rank Fighter Alive
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