Dungeon & Lizards Arc

Title Dungeon & Lizards Arc
Novel Chapters Chapter 17-24
Webtoon Chapters Chapter 18-24
Chronological Order
Instant Dungeon Arc
Dungeon & Prisoners Arc

Dungeon & Lizards Arc is the 5th Arc of the series.

Webtoon Summary

Sung Jin-Woo left the hospital and since he was short on money he decided to go to the dungeon. He met with a hunter named Hwang Dong-Suk and his group. They aimed for C-rank dungeon, and again Jin-Woo was invited only to weaken the dungeon and only for that they would pay him 2 000 000 won. The group contained 5 C-ranks, 4 D-rank or lower and no healer. He met there Yoo Jin-Ho a D-rank guy in the flashy equipment. Jin-Woo grabbed a bag with equipment and went to the dungeon. It was Jin-Woo's first time entering C-rank dungeon.

They entered the dungeon, no lights, no monsters. It is not that there weren't any monsters, they just didn't appear. Jin-Woo could hear it, it was insect-type monsters. As soon as they appeared Hwang's group started to fight with great coordination and eventually killed them. Jin-Woo had a bad feeling about these guys and the unexpected warning appeared [Beware of Lizards]. The group reached the boss room, filled with spider web and many crystals. There were enough crystals, for everyone to have 1 000 000 won. They saw a huge spider, it was the Boss-monster. Because of fact, that when the boss is defeated then the gate closes, they have to firstly mine and transport mana crystals. Because the spider was sleeping they had the best chance to mine them. Unfortunately, Lee Cheul-Bin didn't bring equipment with him. Hwang decided that he and his group will go to bring their equipment and had let Jin-Woo and Jin-Ho guard the place. Jin-Woo saw it. The gate can be entered only with 10 people except these 2 the squad had 8 members. He knew that they have done it like this always. Cho Gyu-Hwan blocked the entrance.

9 (4).png

The boss woke up - a C-rank dungeon boss with many eyes and hideous mouth, enormous size, and long legs. Meanwhile, Hwang 's group left the dungeon. Jin-Woo decided that he will fight with the spider (current level 18). He summoned his sword and head on attacked and he successfully made damage. Spider 's skin was this Jin-Woo only hardly could pierce that. As Jin-Ho saw Jin-Woo fighting he described him as a "False ranker" (False rankers can change their rank, they are usually psychopaths who kill as they hobby). Jin-Woo has fought the spider for 10 minutes and his stamina was slowly running out and he didn't even deal a lot of damage to it. Jin-Woo bet on dagger's special abilities - paralyze and bleed. Spider used acid against Jin-Woo, but he successfully evades it. Jin-Woo became faster and used the skill [Sprint]. He closes the distance between the boss and him in an instant and his speed still was increasing, but his stamina was rapidly running out. Jin-Woo was grounded, but on last moment he used his daily quest reward [Status recovery]. He stabbed spider's head and used bleed, paralysis and eventually slain the dungeon boss. As a reward, he got 3 more levels and monster's dungeon core.

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Hwang's group entered the boss room. They were surprised that they killed the dungeon boss. Hwang thought that Jin-Ho killed it because of his equipment. He menaced that if he won't kill Jin-Woo, then they both will die. As the mage cast a spell against Jin-Woo he got an emergency quest: [Kill the enemy] and got blasted away by the spell. If Jin-Woo didn't kill Hwang's squad, his heart would stop. When one hunter got near Jin-Woo, Jin-Woo cut his head off, showing a notification on the quest saying [Enemies required to be killed: 7 Enemies killed: 1]. The hunter that used magic on Jin-Woo before started casting magic so Jin-Woo cut him into pieces before he could finish. When the other hunters of the group attacked him he killed them and only Hwang was left, but in the end, Hwang was killed while he attempted to use the skill [Empower] against Jin-Woo. As a reward for clearing emergency quest, he got a new skill [Bloodlust] and 10 Stat Points.

A man reported to Woo Jin-Chul that in the C-rank dungeon raid 8 people were killed in action. The survivors were D and E-rank hunters and that they didn't escape but instead the dungeon was cleared. Because one of the dead hunters were Hwang Dong-Suk he couldn't ignore that (his brother is Hwang Dong-Su, an S-Rank).

After that, the scene changes to Hwang Dong-Su waking up in America with tears in his eyes due to a bad dream.

Novel Summary

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Characters Appearance in Order

Magic Beasts Appeared

Webtoon and Novel Differences

  • Phone Conversation with Hwang Dong-Suk is cut off in Webtoon.
  • Jin-Woo wasn't naive in Novel as he clearly knew their goal from the beginning.
  • Jin-Woo won the Battle against Buryura without Status-Recorvery in Novel, since Bleed got activated where Paralysis failed at first try.
  • Jin-Woo received in Novel at lvl 20 a message, which told him he can now buy in Shop.
  • In Novel the "Penalty" was changed to "Stop the Heart" by the System by force to make him strong.
  • In Novel he received 10 stats Points instead of 10 Experience Points. Clearly Translation-error.
  • What happened in Novel chapter 24 was completely left out in Webtoon.
    • A lengthy talk between Jin-Woo and Jin-Ho about Magic Core and what happened.
    • Details about Money (for example Jin-Woo received about 180 Million Won after Taxes.)
    • Talking with the Association about the Raid.
    • How he used the 10 Stat Points from the Quest.

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