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Dungeon & Prisoners Arc is the 5th story arc of the series.


Jinwoo reunites with the other survivors of the Double Dungeon, including Lee Joohee and Song Chi-Yul, for one last raid. However, a pack of probational prisoners and their supervisor Kang Taeshik provide an unexpected threat to their work.

Webtoon/Novel Differences

  • In the novel, Jinwoo didn't find out about Kandiaru's Blessing until after he drank a beer.
  • In the novel, Song reunites with Jinwoo while shopping.
  • In the novel, Song is never shown training with Cha Hae-In.
  • In the novel, Kang Taeshik fakes an injury in an attempt to lure Joohee in and kill her.
  • In the novel, Woo Jinchul never shows up.

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