Dungeon & Prisoners Arc

Title Dungeon & Prisoners Arc
Novel Chapters Chapter 25-35
Webtoon Chapters Chapter 25-34
Chronological Order
Dungeon & Lizards Arc
Yoo Jin-Ho Raid Party Arc

Dungeon & Prisoners Arc is the 6th Arc of the series.

Webtoon Summary

Sung Jin-Woo wanted to get drunk, but because of his buff [Cure poison], he can 't. He thought that if he is immune to all poisons he can use Rasaka 's Venom without any side effect.

Yoo invited to meet Jin-Woo in the Cafe Pene. Yoo Jin-Ho thanked him for his help in the dungeon, he tried to invite him into his attack force for 19 raids, but at first, Jin-Woo rejected (Jin-Ho want to become Guild master in his father's future guild). For a hunter to receive guild master license the hunter must participate the raid at least 20 times. They chat for a while and in the end, Jin-Ho offers him 3 000 000 000 won. Jin-Woo accepted the offer, but he had a condition that only the two of them can go. Jin-Ho was a bit worried because they had to clear C-rank dungeon. In the end, he accepted and recruited new teammates.

When Jin-Woo was doing his daily quest he saw that it is recording even when he completes all tasks(from 10km to 11km...). He raised all tasks double the. Meanwhile, Hwang su found that someone killed his brother. After completing the goals twofold the daily quest turned into "Hidden quest". Jin-Woo received an S-rank item [Demon Castle's key] - the key to the dungeon. He opened the portal and walked in. Jin-Woo thought that it was an S-rank dungeon because the key was as well S-ranked item, so he prepared Hearthstone. Suddenly a monster appeared before him - [Hell's Gatekeeper Cerberus] with a red name. He activated title, skills and attacked the gatekeeper. In return, gatekeeper used [Wrath] and his stats doubled. Jin-Woo got bite by his fangs and his Hp was rapidly decreasing. Skill [Perseverance] activated and Jin-Woo used healing from the daily quest. He defeated the gatekeeper and obtained four more levels alongside a few more items and [Castle's door key].

A weird man offered to a hunter 20 billion to kill someone. The killer asked for another 10 billion for killing everybody else.

Jin-Woo met Song Chi-Yeol on the way to the dungeon and they had a little chat about what happened in the dungeon back than. Sang and Jin-Woo arrived at the entrance and met the raid members of "that" dungeon. Later the prisoners arrived and the whole group with Song ad their leader entered the dungeon.

The whole group was slaying goblins and everybody started to see how Jin-Woo changed. The path branched into three, so they split up. B-rank hunter Kang Tae-Shik and the prisoners went right, Jin-Woo and Song went left because Jin-Woo knew that this path leads to the boss room and the others went to the middle. Kim's path led to the prisoners and he saw dead bodies lying around Kang Tae-Shik. Jin-Woo heard the scream and quickly ran to that. Kang Tae-Shik tried to kill Ju-Hee, but Jin-Woo was fast enough to block his ambush. Kim was near death but with his last words, he apologized to Jin-Woo .

Song decided to fight Tae-Shik. Like a magician with a sword, he couldn't catch to his speed and he lost. Jin-Woo blocked the strike that was supposed to kill Song. Both started fighting and they were quite equal. Jin-Woo got emergency quest to kill his enemy and if he don't then his heart will stop. Activating [sprint] he could catch up to Tae-Shik. Tae-Shik hide his presence thanks to his skill [camouflage] and erase his shape, smell, sound and even aura. He strikes Sunk but he quickly healed with status recovery. For Jin-Woo to find where he is he had to use [killing intent]. As Tae-Shik was under [killing intent] he got stabbed and died by Sung Jin-Woo. For completing the quest he got stat points+5 and when Jin-Woo pulled out his dagger he obtained rune:[Stealth].

Jin-Woo dragged the only survivor from the prisoners to the boss room, so the goblins could kill him (he did it for all the victims that the prisoner killed). After he died he easily killed Hobgoblin (boss). Because of what happened the elites quickly arrived on the scene. Song lied to Woo Jin-Chul and said that he killed the killer.

Novel Summary

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Characters Appearance in Order

Magic Beasts Appeared

Webtoon and Novel Differences

  • He found out about Kandiaru's Blessing AFTER he drunk the Beer in the Novel.
  • There were loud Students in the Cafe and Jinwoo shutted them up by crushing Spoon to an unrecognizable Ball.
  • In Novel Jin-Woo didn't ran with his Sister where the Hidden Quest happened but alone at home.
  • The Scene between Laura and Hwang Dong-Su didn't appear in this Arc but in the next Arc.
  • Its obvious, but the naming of the items found differ in the Novel.
  • Kang talking with the CEO happened after his fight with Jinwoo began in Novel.
  • Song training with Cha Hae-In were left out in Novel too.
  • Instead Song meet with Jin-Woo while shopping and received the Call from the Assocation.
  • Jinwoo heard that call and go with him there instead of receiving it at home and going there alone.
  • Kang faked an Injury to get Juhee near him to kill her.
  • Song Fight with Kang was therefore left out and Kim was already dead.
  • Woo Jin-Chul didnt appear and told Jin-Woo about the Danger of Hwang Dung-Su.

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