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Esil Radiru is a demon noble and a princess of the Radiru clan.


Esil is a young demon girl with long purple hair, large red eyes, sharp red eye markings, pronounced canines, and a slender build. In her first appearance, she wore a short red cape and white armor decorated with red paint. During her time climbing the Demon Castle's upper floors, she wore gray armor decorated with blue paint and black plates of armor over her chest, shoulders, and upper arms. As also noted by Jinwoo, she has a very human-like appearance.


Despite being a demon, Esil has an open, honest, and affable personality. She is also somewhat selfish and shameless, as displayed when she had no problem begging for her life after all of her knights had been mercilessly killed by Jinwoo and claimed that her knights would have happy to sacrifice themselves as long as she survived. At the same time, however, she can be sneaky and deceptive, as she attempted to stab Jinwoo in the back when he lowered his guard against her.[1]


When Jinwoo made it to the 80th floor of the Demon Castle, Esil and several of her clan's knights were dispatched by her father to eliminate him and his troops. After Jinwoo easily killed all of her knights right in front of her, however, Esil quickly surrendered and begged for mercy, promising to give him anything he wanted if he spared her life. As he had already spent two days looking for the 80th floor's entry permit with no success and was somewhat unwilling to kill her due to her human-like appearance, Jinwoo took up her offer without a second thought.

After Jinwoo collected the 80th floor's entry permit from her clan, Esil accompanied him as he continued to climb the castle, watching in awe as he easily slaughtered the inhabitants of each floor. When they finally arrived on the 100th floor, the two of them confronted by the Demon King Baran. When Baran eventually got the upper hand on Jinwoo in their fight, Esil distracted the former by throwing a dagger at his face, giving Jinwoo enough time to regain his footing and finally kill Baran with a powerful punch to his jaw.[2]

Thrilled that her clan was now at the top of the demon food chain, Esil asked Jinwoo if he could return to her floor for a grand feast. However, he declined, citing that her floor was too far away to travel back to. With no reason left to stay and eager to see if the Holy Water of Life would work on his mother, Jinwoo thanked Esil for her help and bid her farewell. Esil attempted to protest, but before she could even say anything, Jinwoo suddenly disappeared by using Shadow Exchange, leaving her confused and annoyed.


As a demon noble, Esil is strong for her species and measures up to a S-Rank in battle prowess.

  • Enhanced Strength: Esil possesses great physical strength, as displayed by how her attacks were able to tear large holes in nearby buildings.
  • Enhanced Speed: Esil possesses great speed, as she was able to react in time to Jinwoo's movements.