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Esil Radiru is a daughter of the Radiru chief and an Aristocratic Demon found at the S-Rank Demon's Castle Instant Dungeon.

Esil first met Sung Jin-Woo at the Demon Castle 79th floor, when her squad tried to eliminate his Shadows, but due to Jin-Woo's power, her entire squad was easily killed.

She nearly got killed by Jin-Woo as well, but because he liked her personality and she provided a lot of useful information, he spared her life.


Esil Radiru has an open and honest personality, given how easily she trusted Jin-Woo's words. Despite living in the Demon World, Esil Radiru has a very maiden-like personality. This is shown when she easily blushes when Jin-Woo said that he'll borrow her and again when she asks why he spared her clan, of which Jin-Woo replied, Cause I find you likable.[1]


Esil Radiru and her clan used to live in the Demon World.[2] As a noble, they had to fight other clans for the ranking position. However, their clan was the weakest of all Demon Clans, ranking at the 20th position. Back then, they were preparing to fight against a horrifyingly powerful foe that caused all Demons to unite. When suddenly, they opened their eyes and they were in the instant dungeon, Demon's Castle. A voice then constantly appeared in their head to protect the floor they were in.

When Esil Radiru was about to describe the events prior to their arrival to the instant dungeon, the System intervened, which made Jin-Woo deeply suspicious of the System's motives.


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