Eternal Sleep (익면증) is a terrifying illness that appeared when the Gate opened. It happened to Humans that could not handle the ever so present Magic Power that was emitted by numerous things. Due to their nature, there were people in the world weak to magic power exposure. Among such people, one of the side effects of being exposed to a magic power for a long time was the Eternal Sleep.

This illness isn't just 'falling asleep', it would cause the host a sleep they could not wake up from, hence the name 'Eternal Sleep'. But it didn't end there, the illness would cause the patient's life to waste away quicker than normal and life support devices empowered by magic cores were needed to maintain the patient's life. Many people who could not afford the life support devices succumbed to the illness and passed away.[1]

Notable People

Eternal Sleep Patients
Park Kyung-Hye
Yoo Myung-Han
Park Kyung-Hye Yoo Myung-Han


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