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Eternal Slumber (익면증) is a sleeping disorder that first appeared when humanity was exposed to the existence of Magic Beasts. Those who come down with this disease are intolerant to mana and as a result, they typically begin to develop symptoms after being exposed to a human who radiates mana, namely a hunter, for an extended period of time. Initially, the victim will begin to pass out against their will for much longer than normal, as displayed when Myung-Han fell asleep for almost an entire day, before fully succumbing to the disease's effects and falling into a coma.

On top of causing its victims to lose consciousness permanently, Eternal Slumber also quickly drains its victims of their life force. As a result, unless they hooked up to life support devices powered by essence stones, the disease will magically suck them dry and they will die. Unfortunately, these devices are not known for being cheap and as a result, many people have died from the disease as a result of their relatives not being able to afford a device.

Due to humanity's still-lacking knowledge on the practical applications of mana, there is no widely-available cure for Eternal Slumber. The only known cure for the disease is the Holy Water of Life, an extremely rare consumable item that can cure any ailment when ingested. As a result, only two people are known to have been successfully cured of the disease in recorded history.

Notable Victims