Fiend Guild[1] (사신 길드, Sasin Gildu) is one of the top 5 Korean guilds. The guild's area is in Seoul Metropolitan which is also the grounds for Hunters Guild and White Tiger Guild.


Originally, the number one Guild of Korea was "Fiend Guild", but some members of guild ceded from the Guild and formed their own, White Tiger Guild, resulting in Hunters taking the number one spot. And like the student surpassing the master, the White Tiger guild had already surpassed Grim Reaper as a Guild.[2]

The guild was originally Korea's No. 1 guild because of S-class Hunter Lim Tae-kyu, but it has been overtaken by the White Tiger guild and Hunters Guild.

Notable Members

Fiend Guild
Guild Master Lim Tae-Kyu S-Rank Archer Alive
Guild Hunter Lee Min-Sung A-Rank Unknown Alive


  1. Subject to translation differences. We used Solo Leveling Webtoon name here.
  2. Solo Leveling Novel: Chapter 41

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