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The Frost Monarch was the King of Snow Folk and one of the nine Monarchs.


The Frost Monarch was an ancient ice elf with blue skin, long silver hair, and blank white eyes. He wore a ragged white cloak with a black collar over a tattered white shirt, ragged black pants, and a pair of black boots.


The Frost Monarch was a methodical individual who did not like to play the odds or get ahead of his own plans. He was also implied to have a distaste for unnecessary conflict, as seen when he instantly knocked out the humans he encountered on Jeju Island with his sleep magic instead of taking the time to massacre them.

However, after his first skirmish with Jinwoo, the Frost Monarch showed a much more panicked and reckless side to his personality. Instead of his normally calm demeanor, he impatiently urged the other Monarchs to help him kill Jinwoo while he was still human and arrogantly refused to wait for Antares to return to do the job for him. This line of thinking ultimately led down to his downfall, as he did not survive his second fight with Jinwoo.


Jeju Island Arc

Several days after Korea successfully reclaimed Jeju Island from a S-Rank dungeon break, the Frost Monarch traveled to Jeju after picking up traces of Ashborn's power there.

Recruitment Arc

While searching for the Rulers in America, the Frost Monarch ran into Yogumunt and learned from the latter that one of the Rulers had been located in Korea. Before they could leave, however, the two Monarchs were confronted by Sung Il-Hwan, who attempted to kill them both to no success.

Monarchs War Arc


As a Monarch, the Frost Monarch was an immensely powerful individual.

  • Immense Physical Prowess
  • Ice Magic: The Frost Monarch was able to almost effortlessly create gigantic waves or walls of ice for his own use. He was even capable of creating weapons out of ice, as seen when he created several spears and a sickle out of ice during his fight with Go Gun-Hee.
  • Sleep Inducement: The Frost Monarch was able to instantly knock out a small group of humans with the simple snap of his fingers, even though many of them were A-Ranks.
  • Gate Creation: The Frost Monarch was able to create blue-colored gates for himself to travel through.
  • Dimensional Warping: The Frost Monarch was able to trap his targets in dimensional gaps, cutting them off from the outside world and allowing him to kill them without interruption.
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