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Gates (차원의 문)[1] are magical portals that connect the human world to the dungeons.


Gates are usually blue in color and can spawn just about anywhere, from inside a high school to the middle of a highway to the middle of an abandoned neighborhood. They remain open until the dungeons they led to are cleared. Much like how it is with hunters and magic beasts, the threat level of a gate is categorized by the standard S-E ranking system. As a result, E-Rank gates are considered very low-risk, while S-Rank gates put entire countries in a state of emergency. Gates also tend to be larger when they rank higher, as D-Rank gates are about the size of large doors while S-Rank gates are so large that they appear to be like hurricanes.

Notable Gates




  1. Subject to different translations: originally, Dimensional Gates but people calls it simply as gates

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