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Greed is the Shadow that was created from the S-Rank Hunter Hwang Dong-Su by Jin-Woo when he was visiting the USA as the representative of Ahjin Guild.


After kidnapping and torturing Yoo Jin-Ho, Dong-Su was confronted and attacked by Jin-Woo. He was easily defeated and Thomas Andre showed up just in time to see Dong-Su badly beaten and being choke held up in the air by Jin-Woo's hand.

Greed started at Commander Grade, the same Grade as Beru, and is also able to converse with Jin-Woo. While Beru was busy healing Jin-Ho, Jin-Woo punished Greed on his first day as a Shadow by ordering him to bow his head to the ground, while Jin-Woo sat nearby on a swing at a children's playground.

After Jin-Woo used the Cup of Reincarnation to travel 10 years back in time, Greed disappeared from his Shadow Army.


Like all the Shadows, Greed maintained his sanity, but he gained unwavering loyalty to Jin-Woo. Greed recognized the mistakes he had made in life because he kept his mouth shut and maintained a calm disposition.[1]


  • Conversation - After he was extracted, his grade was commander, as a result, he able to talk just like when he was alive. (In the novel, only commander grade or above that has been shown to be able to talk just like when they are alive)
  • Regeneration - As long as Jin-Woo has sufficient mana, the shadows able to regenerate their damaged/destroyed parts very quickly.


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