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Greed is the shadow of Hwang Dongsoo.


Greed is a muscular humanoid shadow with a light purple glow, glowing red eyes, glowing purple hair, sharp claws, and a fractured, horned skull mask that exposes the upper right portion of his face.


Due to being fully aware of the crimes he made in life, Greed is humble, quiet, and servile towards his master, often asking for permission to speak and addressing him with honorifics. At the same time, however, he displays a thirst for blood in battle.


Following his victory against Thomas Andre, Jinwoo murdered Hwang as revenge for torturing Jinho, extracted the shadow from his corpse, and named it Greed. After using Shadow Exchange to return to Korea, Jinwoo then punished Greed on his first day as a shadow by ordering him to bow his head to the ground.


As a General Grade Shadow, Greed is one of the stronger shadows in Jinwoo's army.

  • Enhanced Strength: Greed possesses great physical strength, as evidenced by how he was able to break out of the Frost Monarch's ice prison by just flexing his biceps.
  • Conversation
  • Regeneration