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Han Song-Yi (한송이) is a Korean E-Rank Hunter and Jinah's close friend.


Song-Yi is a teenage girl with black hair in a bob cut, black eyes, and a beauty mark right under her left eye. On raids, she typically wears a hoodie with a black cap, a gray skirt, and black leggings. In her second appearance, she tied her hair into a bun with a pair of fringes on each side.


Song-Yi was initially somewhat rude and did not care much about her own education, as she dropped out of high school once she started making fast cash as a hunter. However, after her near-death experience in the Red Gate Incident, she became much more friendly towards Jinwoo, referring to him by his first name instead of calling him "mister," and headed back to school to finish her education, clearly believing that she was better off there. She also gained a sense of bravery, as demonstrated by how she was willing to fight against the orcs even though she knew that she stood no chance against them at all.


Yoo Jin-Ho Raid Party Arc

When Jinho went looking for people to recruit for his raids with Jinwoo, Song-Yi happened to get roped in on his offer and decided to drop out of school after learning about how much money Jinho was paying her for standing outside a gate and doing nothing. Although Jinwoo didn't recognize her due to his unfamiliarity with his sister's friends, he was still confused as to why she was a hunter at such a young age and with such a low rank.

Red Gate Arc

As Song-Yi used to be Jinah's classmate, Jinwoo eventually found out about her from her former teacher and decided to persuade her into going back to school by exposing her to the dangerous reality of the job. To that end, he reached out to his contacts in the White Tiger Guild and got both himself and Song-Yi a slot in one of the guild's training exercises. Unfortunately, things went horribly wrong when the gate that they walked into turned out to be a Red Gate, stranding them on a frozen, snow-covered landscape.

With no time to waste, Kim Chul took most of the raid party with him to find and kill the dungeon boss, leaving Song-Yi with Jinwoo, Heejin, and two other C-Rank Hunters behind to wait for them in the woods. This move ultimately saved her life, as Jinwoo easily slaughtered all the ice bears that came their way while Kim Chul's entire squad was wiped out by Yetis and Ice Elves. After Jinwoo killed Baruka, the dungeon boss, Song-Yi was seen smiling in relief as she exited the gate and returned to the human world.

Although she was one of the five people who made it back alive, Song-Yi was left rattled by the experience. As a result, she went back to school soon after, although she still kept in touch with Heejin.