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Hanekawa is a Japanese A-Rank Hunter under the Draw Sword Guild and a translator under the Japanese Hunters Association.


Hanekawa is a slender young woman with neatly parted black hair. She is typically dressed in formal business attire.[1] During the Japan Crisis Arc, she wore a suit of black armor.


Hanekawa holds herself and her S-Rank guild members, especially Goto Ryuji, in high esteem and tends to look down on those she perceives to be weaker, as displayed during her interactions with Park Jongsoo. This condescending attitude caused her to solely rely on her speed in her sparring match with Jongsoo, which ultimately cost her the fight.[2]


Hanekawa is a fighter-type hunter and relies primarily on her speed to overpower her enemies. However, she lacks combat experience against other hunters, as displayed by how she was easily defeated by Jongsoo in their sparring match.