High Orcs first appeared in the dungeon of Hunters Guild Gate, where Sung Jin-Woo accompanied the Hunters Guild's B team as a Porter.


High Orcs are powerful humanoid Magic Beasts found in A-Rank Dungeons. They are taller and bulkier than the average human, having red eyes, red skin, as well as tattoos all over their bodies. Their leader (and the Boss of the A-Rank Dungeon) was a High Orc Shaman, Kargalgan.

Unlike most monsters, these magic beasts contain some intelligence, as in the fight of the High Orcs vs Hunters Guild's B Team, the High Orcs ignored the tankers and went directly for the backline. In the Manga and Novel, they were able to (and stated) fight toe-to-toe with A-Rank Hunters (Hunters Guild's B Team). In the Hunters Guild Gate Dungeon, the High Orcs would've won if Sung Jin-Woo did not step in and help the Hunters.

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