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High Orcs are a race of red-skinned orcs that first appeared during the Hunters Guild Gate. They are the strongest type of orcs and each one is powerful enough to contend with an A-Rank Hunter. As a result, they are seen as highly dangerous and generally only appear in top-tier A-Rank Gates.

As they are at least A-Rank monsters, high orcs can exhibit intelligent behavior, with some of them even able to communicate with humans. They are also quite strong, as displayed when one was able to easily destroy Son Kihoon's shield with just brute strength.

Strangely enough, despite the fact that high orcs are said to be the strongest type of orcs, other types of orcs are never discussed or named in the story, even when a group of green-skinned orcs led by Groctar appeared later on during an attack on a local high school in Seoul. Also, as stated by Groctar, an orc's tattoos symbolize their victories in battle, meaning that the number of tattoos they have indicate just how many foes they have killed.[1]


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