Hunters Guild (헌터스 길드, Heonteosu Gildu) is the strongest guild amongst the top five Korean guilds and the second strongest guild in Korea overall. It is also the only Korean guild to have two S-Rank Hunters.

Guild Profile

Notable Members

Hunters Guild
Guild Master Choi Jong-In S-Rank Mage Alive
Vice-Guild Master Cha Hae-In S-Rank Fighter Alive
Attack Force B Raid Leader Son Ki-Hoon A-Rank Tank Alive
Attack Force B Raid Member Gina A-Rank Mage Alive
Guild Member Yoon Jung-Ho A-Rank TBA Alive
Guild Member Suzuki TBA Fighter/Tank Alive
Mining Team
Mining Team Leader Bae Yoon-Suk None None Alive
Mining Team Ace Miner Mok Jin-Soo None None Alive
Mining Team Miner Lee Sung-Gu C-rank None Alive
Head of Recruitment Jo Myung-Gi None None Alive

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Hunters Guild Insignia 1.png
Members Choi Jong-In (Guild Master) | Cha Hae-In (Vice-Guild Master) | Son Ki-Hoon | Suzuki
Dungeon Miners Bae Yoon-Suk | Mok Jin-Soo | Lee Sung-Gu
Non-combatant Jo Myung-Gi
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