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Hunters Guild Dungeon is a dungeon which housed the High Orcs, Magic Beasts which had ability to speak, but of the language of Magic Beasts. They are ruled over by the Great Kargalgan, a High Orc Shaman.


The Dungeon had an underground theme, inhabited by High Orcs who raised Dungeon Jackals. Around 170 known High-Orcs was in the Dungeon. The High Orcs lead the Hunter's Guild Attack force to Kargalgan, a High Orc Shaman capable of speaking Human language.


The Hunters Guild Attack Team B was in charge of this Dungeon, having a party of 11 A-Rankers and 6 B-Rankers. At first they met the High Orcs and engaged in combat. They were nearly overrun but Jin-Woo used Stealth and helped them kill the group of High Orcs discreetly. Next, the party encountered a larger group of High Orcs and decided to run, finding out the entrance was blocked by a barrier, getting cornered by the High Orcs. Surprising the group, a High Orc asked the group to follow them deeper into the Dungeon into the boss room. Having no other option, the team hesitantly agrees. While heading to the Boss Room, the B-Team heroically and hesitantly agree to focus and kill the Boss even if they die to prevent a Dungeon Break and loss of innocent life. Inside the Boss Room, the team meets Kargalgan, a High Orc Shaman and the Dungeon Boss, who explains to the group that they were brought there to be killed for 'fun'. The team leader signals the group to attack Kargalgan but found that the group was crippled by fear and unable to do anything. The group is saved by Sung Jin-Woo who reveals his Shadows and proceeds to kill the High Orcs. Kargalgan, the High Orc Shaman puts up a fight but is ultimately defeated. The dead High Orcs were turned into Shadows and Kargalgan was turned into Tusk, the first Elite Knight Grade Shadow to appear in the series.

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