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Hwang Dongsuk (황동숙) was a lizard and the older brother of Hwang Dongsoo. When he attempted to murder both Jinwoo and Jinho to make some fast cash, Jinwoo beheaded him with Kasaka's Venom Fang, instantly killing him.


Hwang was a stocky young man with spiky black hair, neatly trimmed facial hair, and several scars on his left arm. He wore a simple black shirt, black gloves, brown pants, and blue armor on both his right shoulder and lower legs.


Much like his brother, Hwang was selfish, arrogant, and sociopathic with little regard for the innocents he murdered. He was also a coward in the face of power superior to his own, as displayed by how he begged for his life after Jinwoo smashed him into the ground, and was implied to have a strained relationship with his brother, as he did not allow his teammates to even mention him.

Despite all his flaws, however, Hwang was a patriot and resented his brother for betraying his home country for money.


As a C-Rank Tanker, Hwang was decently strong and was able to handle C-Rank monsters without an issue.

  • Enhance Power: Hwang was able to buff his physical stats to a certain extent.
  • Swordsmanship: As he wielded a sword and a shield in battle, Hwang was implied to be a capable swordsman for his rank.