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The Ice Monarch was an extremely powerful Mage type being, holding powers that are related to the cold, such as ice and snow. He was the second Monarch that met Jin-Woo, the first being Legia, the King of Giants. The Ice Monarch was also responsible for killing the Korean Hunters Association president, Go Gun-Hee.


He is said to be an Ice Elf, or Hyakki, having blue skin, silver hair, and sunken, hollow eyes. In the first meeting with Jin-Woo, he was described as an ancient Ice Elf.


The Ice Monarch is, for the most part, calm and reserved. He carefully considers his situation first and doesn't seem to do more than is necessary to fulfill his immediate goals. When he first appeared with the Beast Monarch on Jeju Island to confirm the presence of the Shadow Monarch, he put the hunters who happened to be on the island asleep rather than try to fight and eliminate them. He then mentioned that there was no need to make a scene, implying that he isn't someone who takes pleasure in conflict and would rather avoid troublesome situations if possible. This is further supported by the fact that though he and the Beast Monarch sensed the presence of the power of a Ruler, he stated that nothing has changed, and things will proceed as they have planned.


Ice Monarch is a powerful mage and spellcaster and though specializes in ice magic, is proficient in other forms of magic too. He was able to quickly put all the hunters that were exploring Jeju Island after the liberation raid to sleep in an instant. As a monarch, his power is beyond S-Rank and beyond even National Ranked hunters. None of the hunters on the island could resist his sleep spell and all were A-Ranked awakened humans suggesting that his power was so high that A-Ranked beings are no different to him than normal humans.

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