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Igris (이그리트) is the shadow of Blood-Red Commander Igris.


Igris is a knight with a light purple glow, jet-black armor covering him from head to toe, a tattered black cape, and a long red hair-like ornament extending out of the back of his helmet.


Igris is loyal, respectful, and chivalrous, to the point that he always kneels to his master every time he finishes a battle for him. A running gag with his character is that he always brings the head of his kills back to Jinwoo, which ultimately became a problem when Iron started to copy him. Much like Jinwoo, Igris also does not approve of Iron's dumb antics and typically gets irritated whenever Iron goes overboard in battle.


Job Change Arc

Shortly after being granted the ability to extract shadows from Ashborn, Jinwoo successfully extracted Blood-Red Commander Igris' shadow by convincing him to quit guarding an empty throne. However, as he thought the knight's original name was too long and cringey, Jinwoo decided to simply name the shadow Igris instead.

Red Gate Arc

After he winded up getting trapped inside a Red Gate, Jinwoo unleashed Igris along with the rest of his then-small shadow army on a pack of ice bears, with Igris brutally killing the alpha of the pack with his sword. Igris would then go on to kill Kim Chul when the crazed Hunter attempted to kill Jinwoo and then helped both Jinwoo and Iron, Kim Chul's shadow, defeat Baruka, the boss of the dungeon.

Demon Castle Arc

As the strongest shadow in Jinwoo's army at the time, Igris led the charge when his master used his army to begin clearing the lower floors of the Demon Castle. When he continued to bring his heads of his kills to Jinwoo's feet, Iron eventually began copying him, causing Jinwoo to comically ask Igris to stop bringing him heads.

Hunters Guild Gate Arc

During one of his raids with the Hunters Guild where he went incognito as a porter, Jinwoo and the rest of his party were confronted by a high orc shaman named Kargalgan. When it became clear that the other hunters in his party were too weak to do against Kargalgan, Jinwoo took over the raid and summoned his shadows to deal with Kargalgan's troops, buffing them with his new skill Monarch's Domain to make the fight go by faster. As such, Igris took on Kargalgan's generals and easily killed one before sending the other flying with a simple sweep of his sword.

Return to Demon Castle Arc

Due to the strength of the demons that Jinwoo encountered on the Demon Castle's upper floors, Igris managed to level up a whole another grade from Knight to Elite Knight by the time Jinwoo had reached the 89th floor, making him as strong as a S-Rank Hunter. During his master's fight with Baran, Igris attempted to attack him twice to no avail, as the Demon King easily blew him to shreds with his lightning breath attack.

Jeju Island Arc

When Jinwoo arrived on Jeju Island to save the Korean raid team from certain death, he summoned his shadows, including Igris, to fend off the ants. They successfully did so, with Igris easily slaughtering the ants with his sword.

Ah-jin Guild Arc

During his guild test for Cha Hae-In, Jinwoo summoned Igris to spar with her first, as he did not want to summon Beru out of fear that the experience would be traumatizing, and had him use the Demon King's Longsword against her in their match. Despite this weapon boost, however, Cha was still able to defeat Igris easily, smashing him up against the wall with enough force to create a large crater.

Japan Crisis Arc

When Jinwoo arrived in Japan to deal with the S-Rank dungeon break in Tokyo, Iron and Igris were deployed into the ruins of the city to kill the remaining giants. At one point, Igris was able to save a small child by snatching her out of harm's way and slicing the hand off of the giant that was attempting to eat her. However, much to his irritation, he was then forced to shield the child with his own body when Iron smashed his battle axe into the giant's head with much more force than necessary, slamming the giant into the ground and causing a massive explosion of debris.


As an Elite Knight Grade Shadow, Igris is on the level of a S-Rank Hunter. However, he was not strong enough to hold his own against Cha, who easily defeated him in a sword fight.

  • Dominator's Touch: Igris is able to move and control objects from a distance, as seen when he summoned his sword back to his hand back when he was alive. This skill is later revealed to be a low-grade and significantly weaker version of the skill Ruler's Authority.
  • Regeneration


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