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Igris (이그리트, Ygritte) is one of the first Shadows that Sung Jin-Woo acquired. He was initially protecting an empty throne in an Instant Dungeon where Jin-Woo was doing his Job Quest in the Job Change Quest Dungeon.

After two failed attempts of Shadow Extraction, Sung Jin-Woo convinced him to protect him instead of protecting an Empty throne, obtaining him as a Knight Grade Shadow.

Warning! The following is light novel spoilers that have not been covered in the Solo Leveling Manhwa. Click on "Expand" if you wish to read.

During or briefly before the Monarch's War Arc, Igris evolved into Marshal Grade, the same grade as Beru. After becoming a Marshal Grade Shadow, he was nicknamed Knight of Death.[4]

See Blood-Red Commander Igris for his Original form.


Igris resembles his original appearance, that of having a full body knight armor, a long cape, and a helmet with a long-hair like ornament. Just like other shadows, his body is clad in darkness and white-blue light seethes from his eyes. He is also shrouded by dark and bright blue light around him, depicting the characteristics of a shadow.


Igris is chivalrous and loyal. When fighting with an unarmed Jin-Woo, seeing how he discarded his weapons and in response, Igris also discarded his weapons, i.e. his Long Sword and Cape.

Igris is also very loyal to whom he serves as he still protects a throne with no King, in accordance to his job. When he became a Shadow of Sung Jin-Woo, despite being stronger than him, he always kneels and shows great respect to his current Lord. He also comically brings the head of every enemy he killed back to Sung Jin-Woo, then proceeding to kneel.

Jin-Woo only wryly smiled at this eccentric act and asks Igris to stop it as even Iron started to copy his behavior.

It is noted that Igris is not simply a weapon or a monster. He also possess complex emotions such as determination and nervousness as seen when he asks for Jin-Woo's permission to advance his level.


  • Extreme Speed
  • Extreme Strength
  • Dominator's Touch - The ability to manipulate objects by hand.It is noted that such an ability can only be used by Rulers.
  • Regeneration - As long as Jin-Woo has sufficient mana, the shadows able to regenerate their damaged/destroyed parts very quickly.

Evolution Progress

Grade Picture Webtoon Web novel
Knight Grade
ch.?? ch.??
Elite Knight Grade
Igris Elite Knight-0.png
ch.?? ch.??
Commander/General Grade ch.?? ch.221
Marshal Grade ch.?? ch.??
Grand-Marshal Grade ch.?? ch.??


Warning! The following is light novel spoilers that have not been covered in the Solo Leveling Manhwa. Click on "Expand" if you wish to read.

Originally, Igris was the greatest knight there ever was, accompanying the Shadow Monarch, Ashborn to participate in many battlefields and killing countless enemies in the process. Igris was previously human and considered the most skilled swordsman on Earth before meeting Ashborn.[5]


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See Blood-Red Commander Igris for his Original form.

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