Instant Dungeon Arc

Title Instant Dungeon Arc
Novel Chapters Chapter 13-16
Webtoon Chapters Chapter 13-17
Chronological Order
Reawakening Arc
Dungeon & Lizards Arc

Instant Dungeon Arc is the 4th Arc of the series.

Webtoon Summary

As Sung Jin-Woo entered an instant dungeon, the entrance got blocked (similar to a Red Gate). He couldn't leave unless he killed the boss or used a return crystal (Hearthstone). He decided to solo the dungeon as a result.

When he walked throughout the station, he was attacked by a red wolf called Steel Fanged Raikan. Sung started a fight with the wolf and quickly finds that his physical condition is stronger than before, and he could fight the Raikan with his bare hands. To kill it, he draws a sword from his inventory that was left behind from the double lair by Kim Sang-Shik and kills the wolf with a single attack. He soon receives a message that tells him he 'leveled up'.

After killing the wolf, he figured out that monsters in "his" dungeon never possess magical core (all monsters in dungeons possess magical core). He also obtained an item: Raikan's fang and in the moment he sold it in the store for 20g. He continues killing Raikans like it is nothing and at the same time, he gains more 'levels'. After killing many wolves, he obtained a new title from the system: Wolf Slayer. After killing and killing his blade got dull. Obtaining hearthstone he could leave but he chooses to stay and get stronger. Killing, leveling, Killing, leveling, he kills more species and stronger monsters.

After killing a huge amount of monsters he decided to fight the boss. Swamp 's ruler (orange name): with one hit he could destroy Sung 's sword. Sung fights giant snake but he can't get through his tough his skin. Sung straggling, but he decided to never give up. He catches snake 's neck, press with all strength and snake dies. With snake's dead body he gets more levels and new dagger.

As the boss been slain dungeon's interior reverted to normal. When he leaves the dungeon he saw the boss-monster fighting with other hunters in the city. The boss is around D-rank but Jin-Woo still kills it with one throw of the destroyed sword.

Novel Summary

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Characters Appearance in Order

Magic Beasts Appeared

Webtoon and Novel Differences

  • Choi Yoo-Ra gave Sung Jin-Woo Notepad and he pulled the Pen from the Inventary.
  • When he entered the Dungeon, the Raikan were White instead of Red unlike in the Webtoon.
  • Steel Fanged Raikan is called Steel-teeth Lycan in Novel.
  • Rasaka is called Casaka in Novel.
  • Lee Ju-Hee didn't appear in Novel.
  • Lee Han-Soo Name only appeared in Novel.

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