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International Guild Conference Arc

Title International Guild Conference Arc
Novel Chapters Chapter 183-199
Webtoon Chapters Chapter 140 - ?
Chronological Order
Japan Crisis Arc
Monarchs War Arc

International Guild Conference Arc is the 19th arc of Solo Leveling.


One of the US Double Awakening S Hunters is killed as predicted by Norma. Jin-Woo goes with his friend Yoo Jin-Ho as Korean representatives (under their guild Ahjin) for the International Guild meet up in the US. The US Hunter Association president tells Hwang Dong Su (S Rank whose brother got killed) not to touch Jin-Woo as they want to befriend/recruit him.

Jin-Woo meets US authorities who take him to Kamish's body. Kamish was an S-Rank dragon mob who came 8 years ago and almost destroyed the US - Thomas the other US double awakened eventually killed the dragon but many lives were lost, especially the lives of S-Rank hunters (many of these were from the International community which is why they rarely help other nations now). Jin-Woo tries to extract Camish's shadow but 8 years have passed so he can't do it anymore. He does get a partial resurrection where he learns Camish was actually one of the real Shadow Monarch's minions - Camish warns him that there are four rulers on Earth and some humans have borrowed their powers - Camish thinks Jin-Woo is real shadow monarch at this point.

Hwang Dong Su kidnaps Yoo Jin-Ho and tortures him for info and has a healer cure him so he doesn't die. Jin-Woo and Thomas find out Yoo Jin-Ho's been kidnapped and they both try to find him - the former to save him, the latter to stop Hwang and run damage limitation/prevent his S-Rank hunter from dying. Thomas is the guild leader of the largest US guild, The Scavengers, which has many S-Rank hunters (there are 50 in US) one of which is Hwang hence why he wants to find him first.

Jin-Woo finds Yoo Jin-Ho first using his shadows and then beats up healer and Hwang before trying to kill him. Thomas then arrives and intervenes and Jin-Woo's shadow army fights the whole Scavenger Guild. Jin-Woo beats Thomas - the main issue was Jin-Woo's lack of a decent armor piercing weapon, whilst his shadow army crushes the rest of the Scavenger guild. Jin-Woo then kills Hwang and makes him a shadow but spares the rest out of respect for the US Hunter Association's President.

Papers got hold of the story where Jin-Woo trashed the whole of Scavenger Guild but the US releases a press release saying he was innocent. Norma then explains how Ruler hunters are being killed and asks Jin-Woo to protect them. Jin-Woo initially refuses but then at the guild meet up before he leaves the country, he puts a shadow in all the likely targets.[1]

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