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Iron (아이언) is a shadow Sung Jin-Woo gained after entering the Red Gate.


Iron was created from the corpse of the A-Rank hunter Kim Chul. Upon creating it, Iron grew larger in size than his original body. His full plate armor, weapons, and body turned pitch black like the other shadows.

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Iron disappears from Jin-Woo's army after Jin Woo used the Cup of Reincarnation to travel 10 years back in time as the rules of the item stated that if any of Jin-Woo's shadows overlapped with the new timeline, they would be returned to their original form. Hence, Iron was returned to his original form, as Kim Chul.


Iron was one of the comic relief of the series. Casually copying Igris' antics in the battlefield, expressing victory with the Shadow Magicians and over the killing of enemies much to Jin-Woo's concern, the shadow acts like a dumb bloke whenever he scolds Iron of his actions. However, like all of Jin-Woo's shadows, Iron is loyal to Jin-Woo.


After he was extracted, his body (and even his armor, weapon, shield) become larger than before. which concludes that he was stronger than when he was alive.

  • Taunt - A skill that taunts enemies, prompting them to attack Iron.
  • Regeneration - As long as Jin-Woo has sufficient mana, the shadows able to regenerate their damaged/destroyed parts very quickly.


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