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Iron (아이언) is the shadow of Kim Chul.


Iron takes after his appearance in life, wearing the same armor and wielding the same weapons. As a shadow, he has a light purple glow.


Iron is a bit of a loose cannon and has a tendency to go overboard in battle, usually causing excessive destruction with his antics. He also takes pride in his kills and likes to show them off to the Shadow Magicians in Jin-Woo's army. As a result, Jin-Woo sees Iron as a dimwit, but keeps him around due to the fact that he always does a good job in combat situations.


During Jin-Woo's fight with Baruka, a crazed Kim Chul attempted to kill Jin-Woo only to be killed himself by Igris. Knowing that he would have a hard time defeating Baruka only with Igris' help, Jin-Woo then quickly extracted Kim Chul's shadow from his corpse and named him Iron. Iron then helped Jin-Woo kill Baruka and ended up landing the killing blow.


As an Elite Knight Grade Shadow, Iron is on the level of a S-Rank Hunter, as shown when he was able to kill a giant during the Shinjuku dungeon raid with one well-placed strike to the monster's head. However, he is not as strong as Igris.

  • Shout of Provocation: Iron is able to taunt his enemies, prompting them to attack him without thinking. It should be noted that this skill does not work against enemies who are substantially stronger than Iron himself.
  • Regeneration
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