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Iron (아이언) is the shadow of Kim Chul.


Iron takes after his appearance in life, wearing the same armor and wielding the same weapons. As a shadow, he also has a light purple glow. When he evolved to Elite Knight Grade, his axe became larger and gained a smoky quality to it.


Iron is a loose cannon and has a tendency to go overboard in battle, usually causing excessive destruction with his antics. He also takes pride in his kills and gets easily frustrated when his opponents prove to be immune to his Taunt skill. Although Jinwoo regards Iron as a dunce, he still keeps him around, as the latter always gets the job done well in battle.


During Jinwoo's fight with Baruka, a crazed Kim Chul attempted to kill Jinwoo only to be killed himself by Igris. Knowing that he would have a hard time defeating Baruka only with Igris' help, Jinwoo quickly extracted Kim Chul's shadow from his corpse and named him Iron. Now a loyal shadow to Jinwoo, Iron helped his master in his fight against Baruka and ultimately killed the ice elf by smashing him into the ground with his battle axe.

Despite the fact that he was the second major shadow that Jinwoo ever extracted, Iron only played a minor role as the story progressed. However, he never lost his dim-witted attitude and he eventually ranked up to Elite Knight Grade shortly after the second Double Dungeon Incident.


As an Elite Knight Grade Shadow, Iron is on the level of a S-Rank Hunter, as demonstrated by how he was able to kill a giant with one well-placed strike to the monster's head and fight against Kargalgan's generals on equal footing. However, he is not as strong as Igris.

  • Shout of Provocation: Iron is able to taunt his enemies, prompting them to attack him without thinking. It should be noted that this skill does not work against enemies who are substantially stronger than Iron himself.
  • Regeneration