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Japan Crisis Arc

Title Japan Crisis Arc
Novel Chapters Chapter 165-182 NV
Webtoon Chapters Chapter 132-139 WB
Chronological Order
Double Dungeon Arc
International Guild Conference Arc

Japan Crisis Arc is the 18th Arc of Solo Leveling.

Webtoon Summary

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Novel Summary

As Jin-Woo is finishing dungeons, news passes over that Russian S Rank Hunter, Yuri Orlov has been killed and 1 million people in Japan have died. Apparently Yuri tried to contain the enormous gate with a barrier that worked against A rank mobs but suddenly a huge S Rank giant appeared and shattered the barrier. In total 29 giants appear, all S-Ranked and began destroying Japan. Japan attempted to get Korea to help but Korea releases the black box evidence and everyone understands Japan is to blame so no one says anything when Korea refuses to help. However, Sung Jin-Woo volunteers to resolve the crisis.

Together with Yoo Jin-Ho, Jin-Woo arrives in Japan shortly after. He splits his shadows into four groups: ant army led by Beru; High Orcs led by Tusk; and knights (with Iron and Tank) commanded by Igris - the 4th group, consisting of Jima and Nagas, he decides to lead personally. Within a week all the giants are killed and converted into shadows.

In the final dungeon, he finds a locked up Monarch, Goliath Monarch who tells MC about Rulers vs Monarch battles and if Jin-Woo unchains him he'll help Jin-Woo and he swears on his life. Jin-Woo is about to unchain him but gets an uneasy feeling and asks if he'll help humans? Goliath Monarch realizes his trick failed (he only intended to help the "real shadow monarch" not humans, he still believes the real shadow monarch will awaken hence he thought his lie would work. Upon failing the attacks Jin-Woo and is killed. Jin-Woo tries to make him into a shadow and realizes he can't - so he can't make Monarchs into shadows.

In America, Norma foretells one of the US's Double Awakening S Hunters he will be hunted (by Monarchs but she doesn't know who they are) and only Jin-Woo can protect him. He ignores her warnings. In Japan, Yoo Jin-Ho's father falls into a coma from the Eternal Sleep and Jin-Woo sees his friend is sad and told to rush back to Korea. Jin-Woo realizes what's going on and secretly uses shadow traverse to get to Korea and sneak into Jin-Ho's father's suite before giving him the cure.

Jin-Woo returns back to Japan via shadow traverse before catching a plane back to Korea where he meets US representatives again. He politely refuses to join the US but reveals his Domination Hand ability - this ability can also be used by the National-Rank Hunters so the US thinks he is the sixth one.[1]

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