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Jay Mills (제이밀스) was the strongest hunter in Canada, ranking 17th in the world.[1]


Jay was a large and muscular man with brown eyes, brown hair, and pronounced cheekbones. In his first appearance, he wore a brown trench coat and a white scarf over a dark blue dress shirt. During his last raid, he wore gray armor with yellow trims and a white cape, and wielded a massive gray shield and a large spear.


Much like how Goto Ryuji was, Jay had a very boastful demeanor and was overconfident in his abilities. He also lacked a sense of respect and had very poor judgement, as he openly disregarded Jinwoo's warning over Antares' invasion and even insulted him for trying to warn the public in the first place.[2]


Final Battle Arc

When Jinwoo warned the world about the Monarchs and their impending invasion, Jay was quick to dismiss his words as total nonsense and remained determined to defend his homeland from the gigantic gate that had spawned there.

Several days later, Jay was present when Antares, the strongest Monarch, emerged from the gate and asked the humans for the location of their king. As he had no idea that Antares was looking for Jinwoo, Jay arrogantly claimed himself to be the king and prepared to fight. However, before he could even strike, Antares effortlessly burned him to cinders with his breath attack.[3]


As the #1 hunter in Canada with a world ranking of 17th, Jay was one of the strongest foreign hunters (aside from the National Level Hunters) introduced in the series and was likely at least around Goto's level of power.



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