Job Change Arc

Title Job Change Arc
Novel Chapters Chapter 46-54
Webtoon Chapters Chapter 38-45
Chronological Order
Dungeon & Prisoners Arc
Red Gate Arc

Job Change Arc is the 8th Arc of the series.


Sung Jin-Woo started his quest: [Job change]. He was transported to dungeon-like place and was confronted by a knight. The knight was dumb and low level, but had solid defense so Jin-Woo had to break his head with bare hands. This place was quite like instant dungeon, so he couldn't exit until he cleared it and he had to conserve his mana as much as possible. In that area, even his potions and shop-ability was restricted and on [level up] he didn't receive [status healing]. Not knowing how long the quest will take, Jin-Woo started slaying knights with his bare hands. There was a few knight that dropped a decent items: [High Knight's Chestplate]...

He made his items invisible because the armor type items don't force you to show their design. When Jin-Woo got distracted with items one of knights tried to ambush him with [stealth]. Because there were diverse types of monsters, he had to utilize different stats for each of them. STR for knights, sense for assassins, AGI for archers and VIT for magicians. The monsters didn't give him much chance to rest as they went one after another. Because everything has its advantages, thanks to it Jin-Woo leveled up quite a bit and he gathered a lot of items.

Jin-Woo arrived at the big double door to the boss room. Jin-Woo felt the same sensation as when he was in the double lair, that chilly feeling. Apparently, it was from the red knight that stood in front of him. Red name Blood-Red Commander Igris attacked Jin-Woo with destructive power. Jin-Woo tried to pierce him but he couldn't penetrate. When dagger couldn't pierce him, Jin-Woo decided that to fight him bare-handed, so did red knight. Jin-Woo was getting receiving blows one after another.

Activating [sprint] as well as [perseverance] he fought with everything, but he still got easily defeated. When the red knight was aiming to finish his pray, Jin-Woo caught his sword and stabbed into the right eye. Then he stabbed red knight a few times into neck using [vital strike] and like that, he killed Blood-Red Commander Igris. He obtained some items, but the most precious items were S-class [Red Knight's Helmet] and rune: [Dominator's Touch]. After he picked up the Hearthstone, a window with this description [The job change quest will begin] popped up.

[The longer you last, the more points you can collect that will place you into higher-tier job]. Monsters came out of the portal. In order to endure for the longest time, Jin-Woo used [stealth], but there were magicians who could detect him. Jin-Woo started smashing every knight he met with his fists. Unfortunately, they came out of the gates faster than he could deal with them. In order to get stronger, he fought with everything he had. When Jin-Woo was near death daily quest saved him, as he had failed the daily quest and was moved to the penalty zone.

He healed and started to kill monsters in penalty zone and successfully leveled up. When he finished killing monsters he purchased [Knight Killer] from the shop and broke the runestone to learn [Dominator's touch]. Time ran out and, with his new dagger, Jin-Woo killed every knight he met. Jin-Woo found out that the magicians summoned the knights, and when he killed one magician the knights that the magician summoned disappeared as well. When he killed every magician, a windows popped out [A job will be granted after the player's actions have been analyzed], [Wherever the player goes, the reaper follows], [The player's path is littered with corpses, and the smell of blood], [As the player possesses strength, he does not leave anything to his teammates, and overcomes everything with his own strength], [Your desire for strength burns strong enough to call those who wander the valley of death, and the army of the dead who follows your commands shall create a path where your thread will be the las and you would never need another's help again], [Your yob is "Necromancer"](magic sub-class).

Jin-Woo didn't know why necromancer, because of his fighting style and his skills and when he wanted to refuse it but window popped out [Necromancer is a 'Hidden class'. Do you still wish to refuse?]. He knew how strong it could be to solo conquer dungeons with his own army so he accepted it. Windows appeared [Based on the number of points you obtained, you will be given a chance to promote to a superior class], [You have exceeded the expected play time], [You did not use a Hearthstone], [Final health is above 50%], [All enemies have been slain], [The total points have exceeded the feat limit], [You will be promoted from 'Necromancer' to 'Shadow Lord'].

[You have learned a job exclusive skill.], [You have obtained bonus stats], [You have obtained the title 'The one who overcame adversary']. He saw windows over destroyed knights [Shadow extraction can be used on this target]. On the request [Please select your command phrase for shadow extraction] he chose "Arise". Knights with shadow-form shoved out. At that moment he could arise 30 shadows and save 20. He raised 27 infantry and 3 magicians and because he wanted to arise Igris he removed the weakest eleven shadow infantry.

Jin-Woo tried to arise Igris but he failed on his first attempt, and later on his second attempt as well. Jin-Woo said to the knight that he must stop protecting the empty seat and he should protect him and on his third try he did it. Giving him name Igris he upgraded the shadow to level 7 [Shadows higher than rank knight can be named] and every shadow bowed to Jin-Woo.

Characters Appearance in Order

Magic Beasts Appeared

Shadows Appeared

Webtoon and Novel Differences

  • Before Jinwoo began the Job Change Quest, he researched about different classes in Internet. He thought Assassin-Class would be best for him.
  • Jinwoo tried to pick other stuff than the designed Drop, but they only turn to Ashes.
  • Jinwoo didnt meet the Assassin immediately, but later in Novel.
  • Some Names differ greatly in Novel/Webtoon as usual
  • Picking up te Return Stone/Hearthstone trigger the actual Quest. This was not mentioned in Webtoon.
  • The Talk with Sung old "Me" didnt happen in Novel.
  • Jinah didn't appear in the Novel.
  • The System mentioned it in the Novel that the Penalty Quest will be harder next time.
  • Jinwoo thought up the theory about mages and summoning in the Penalty Zone not in the Job Change Zone.

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