Job Change Quest is a quest that appears when Sung Jin-Woo reached level 40 in a random C-Rank Dungeon. He will be given the chance to obtain a Job.



The longer you last, the more
Points you can collect that will
place you into a higher-tier Job.

Good Luck.


All the Monsters in
the room have been slain,
the quest will end now.

You will be able to choose a
Class based on the amount of points
you have collected.

A Job will be granted after the
Player's Actions have been analysed.

Wherever the Player goes,
the Reaper follows.

The Player's Path is littered with Corpses,
and the smell of Blood.

As thr Player possesses strength,
He does not leave anything to his teammates,
and overcomes everything with his own strength.

Your desire for strength burns strong
enough to call those who wander the Valley
of death, and the army of the Dead who follows
your commands shall create a path where your
thread will be the law and you would never
need another's help again.

Your job is Necromancer.

QUEST DIRECTIONS (after Job are given)

Your Job has been chosen.

Based on the amount of points you
obtained, you will be given a chance to
promote to a superior class.

you have exceeded the expected play time.
Points will be added.

You did not use a Hearthstone.
Points will be added.

Final Health is above 50%.
Points will be added.

All Enemies have been slain.
Points will be added.

The Total Points have exceeded the feat limit.

You will be promoted from
Necromancer to Shadow Lord.

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